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Though pedestrians have the right of way on most streets, those laws don’t always keep you safe. With the assistance of an attorney, you can ask for compensation after sustaining injuries in an accident as a pedestrian.

Talk to a Lawyer About Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

City streets often have crosswalks that help pedestrians safely cross the street. If another driver is distracted or doesn’t obey driving laws, however, you may suffer some significant injuries as you attempt to cross the street. Take a look at some of the common types of pedestrian accidents and some of the compensation you can ask for after one of these accidents.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many car accidents involving pedestrians happen because drivers do not think anyone is around. A driver may be texting on a cell phone, flipping through radio stations or even talking to passengers in the car as he or she makes a turn through a crosswalk. Accidents can also occur because drivers ignore posted yield signs or because they drive above the posted speed limit. Even if you wait until the light changes in your favor, you may suffer injuries because of a driver trying to beat a red light.

Injuries and Compensation

Depending on the type of vehicles and its speed, your injuries might range from a mild concussion and some soreness to injuries that leave you completely paralyzed. Injury attorneys specializing in car accidents can help you get the compensation necessary to recover from your injuries, pay your medical bills and even pay your mortgage and utilities if the injuries cause you to miss work.

Schedule a Legal Consultation

The sooner you schedule a legal consultation, the sooner you can try to obtain the compensation due to you under state law. This can include compensation for lost wages, a future loss of income and other money that you owe. Crosswalks provide a safe place for pedestrians to walk, but distracted drivers can still cause accidents in those intersections. An attorney may be able to help you hold a distracted driver responsible for all your injuries.