by tfarino




Learn about three categories of medical bills and other costs that you might not have expected after you are injured in an auto accident or another type of situation. These costs should be included when working with your attorneys to come to a settlement.

Three Surprise Costs After You Are in an Injury Accident

Injuries from an accident lead to obvious costs such as emergency room fees from the hospital and bills from the physicians who provide you with treatment. You may find that other medical bills arrive in your mailbox for costs that you did not anticipate. Be sure to have your team of injury attorneys include reimbursement for all of these costs in the settlement for your injuries.


If an ambulance picked you up at the scene of the accident, you may find yourself with a hefty bill. Even if the ambulance was dispatched through 911, they will attempt to bill you for the service. The ambulance, whether public or private, will get your insurance information from the hospital. Be sure to include the ambulance fees in your injury settlement negotiation.


Another type of surprise medical bill includes the fees for radiologists to read your imaging studies. After an accident, the emergency room physician may order X-rays, a CT scan or an MRI to check for fractures, internal bleeding, soft tissue injuries and other injuries. The fee for the radiologist to read the images is not included in the hospital’s fees for taking the X-ray or performing the CT scan or MRI study. Medical bills for radiologists will be itemized for every X-ray or image that is taken.

Medical Equipment and Supplies

If you get sent home from the hospital with a sling or a surgical boot, you can expect to receive medical bills for these pieces of equipment. You will also be billed separately for crutches, braces and other equipment and supplies. These items are usually not covered by health insurance, which means you will have to pay out of pocket. Make sure that your negotiation includes full reimbursement for all of these medical supplies and pieces of equipment.