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Insurance companies often use strategies to try to avoid paying accident victims or to reduce the amounts they pay out. The strategies used include insurance adjusters getting statements that harm victims’ cases, making low-ball offers and disputing liability.

How Insurance Companies Play Dirty in Accident Cases

If you have been injured in an automobile accident caused by another driver, you might think you are better off trying to settle the claim with the insurance company on your own. This is normally not a good idea as insurance companies often try to either minimize losses or avoid paying victims altogether. Hiring a personal injury attorney may help you to recover damages in an amount that might fairly compensate you for your losses.

Low-Ball Offers and Disputing Liability

Insurance companies may call victims immediately after the company learns about an accident involving their insureds. They may try to extend a suspiciously low offer. Companies might do this to try to convince you that your claim is much less valuable than it is. They also may do so in the hopes that you will accept it. Sometimes, companies try to dispute their insured’s liability outright even when police reports and witness statements say otherwise. This tactic is used to try to avoid paying anything.

Calling an Attorney

You may be better off getting help from injury lawyers when you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. An attorney may be more familiar with the tactics used and how to combat them effectively. Lawyers might be able to help you recover damages in amounts far exceeding what you may be able to recover on your own.