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Common Injuries That Could Be Caused by a Beauty Spa

Visiting a beauty spa or hair salon should be a relaxing experience. You expect to look better when you leave the facility. What you probably do not expect is to be injured or get an infection. There are several common types of injuries that you could get at a beauty spa. If you are harmed as a result of your visit, it is important to contact injury attorneys and protect your rights under Nevada law.


Many products in a spa or salon could burn you. Chemicals applied to hair for the purpose of straightening, curling or changing the color could burn you if they are left on for too long or not mixed correctly. Hair dryers or curling irons set to too high of a heat level could burn your scalp. Facial masks, peels and body hair removal agents could also leave burns on your skin. The burns could be minor first-degree burns or moderately severe, going through the second layer of skin.

Hair Loss

Improperly mixed hair coloring, straighteners, relaxers or curling agents could cause some or even most of your hair to fall out. Improper use of waxes and other agents for specialty hair removal procedures could also lead to hair loss where you do not want it to occur. While this might not qualify as an injury, it can be harmful to your career, self-confidence and sense of well-being.


Infections are another possible injury that you could receive at a spa or salon. Improperly sanitized tools may spread bacteria and parasites. Improper use of cutting equipment may also introduce an infection into your body. The use of prohibited tools such as micro-planes or callus shavers on your feet or hands could lead to an infection. This type of injury may lead to medical bills that you want to seek compensation for.