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What to Do If You Get Hurt at Farmers Markets

Visiting the farmers market is a popular weekend pastime in the summer and autumn months of the year. Many farmers markets even have a holiday season with gifts and special events. If you are visiting one of these public marketplaces and you get hurt, you might consider consulting with a personal injury attorney and becoming familiar with your rights as an injured patron.

Get Business Liability Information

Speak with the director of the farmers market and get their business liability insurance information. An incorporated farmers market should have general liability coverage. The general liability insurance should be available to pay for your expenses if you are injured on the site of the market because of poor maintenance or a danger you could not have easily seen. For example, a hole in a grassy area might not have been visible.

Get the Vendor’s Information

If a vendor’s faulty display caused you to become injured, find out if there is vendor’s insurance reimbursement available to you. A vendor’s insurance policy for a bricks-and-mortar business may extend to their setup at the farmers market. A business personal property insurance policy might cover your medical expenses if a vendor’s shelving unit was not properly anchored or if you tripped and fell over products that the vendor had displayed on the ground.

Inquire About the Vendor’s Product Liability

If the vendor’s product caused you harm, inquire about business product liability. Business product liability insurance might apply to your situation if you are injured by an item you bought and took home from the market. For example, if you purchased a jar of jam at the farmers market and the jam gave you food poisoning, product liability insurance from the vendor might be able to pay for your medical expenses.