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Dogs are common pets in every neighborhood. However, not every dog is friendly; those who are not may severely injure a person during an aggressive fit of rage.

How to Handle a Neighbor with an Aggressive Dog

An aggressive dog should not be taken lightly. Angry dogs can easily hurt people and cause problems down the road. Dogs are either naturally aggressive or they are trained to be that way as guard dogs. Dogs who have been trained tend to be easier to deal with, as their owners mitigate their aggression by using commands. An unstable dog, however, is a much more frightening story.

Voice Concerns with the Neighbor

The owner of the aggressive dog needs to hear any concerns. This is the first step of action to take, so that the neighbor can control the dog better. If the neighbor is unsympathetic or refuses to take responsibility for the dog, then it is clear that there will be future problems. In most cases, the dog owner will put in an effort to control the dog’s aggression.

Contact a Lawyer for Advice

If the owner refuses to better control the dog and the dog is frequently too close for comfort, it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney can advise clients of their options, and give legal advice for if a dog attacks or destroys personal property. If the dog does attack, the victim must take action quickly. There are risks of serious injuries, disease, and infection when a dog attacks a human.

What to Do if an Aggressive Dog Bites

If the aggressive dog does bite, the first thing the victim should do is go to the emergency room. From there, hospital staff will treat the wounds. The victim should then file a police report, and the dog should be seized in case the dog carries a dangerous infection or disease. Any hospital bills should be assigned to the owner of the dog. They may decide to pay for them, or the victim will have to take legal action. In some cases, authorities may decide to euthanize the dog in order to prevent future attacks.