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What to Do if You Are Injured At a Parade

Parades take place on special days of the year and to honor great achievements. Most parades include a variety of participants, including horses, floats, a marching band or two, baton throwers, dancers and more. It is possible that you could experience an injury while watching a parade. If this happens to you, a consultation with injury lawyers could help you understand your rights. Your entitlements will depend on your specific parade situation.

Consider Your Location

Consider your location while watching the parade. If you are at a turnaround point or at the edge of the crowd closest to where the parade participants are walking or marching, it is possible that the police did not cordon off enough space for the safety of the spectators. For example, the floats might not have had enough clearance to avoid hitting you.

Take the Crowd Into Account

It is possible that an overzealous crowd could cause injury. For example, if members of the crowd were drinking adult beverages, it is possible that an undetermined person under the influence could cause injury. In some cases, the harm might not be the fault of anyone in particular. An excited crowd pushing forward could cause you to get hurt, but it is possible that no one is to blame.

Determine if You Have a Case

In some situations, a court case could be about intent. The baton thrower might not have intended to throw the baton toward you. A malfunction of a vehicle carrying a float could also be a non-case unless you could prove that the vehicle was intentionally tampered with in order to cause an injury to a spectator. Some situations could involve a court case against a specific person. For example, if someone in the crowd punches you and causes an injury, you could have a case of assault against that person.