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How Long-Term Injuries Affect Value of Personal Injury Claim

While many injuries from car accidents or motorcycle accidents will heal over a relatively short period of time, more severe injuries could be long-term or even permanent in how they negatively affect your ability to work and go about your daily life. In many cases, the long-term nature of an injury will play a part in the amount of compensation that you receive from an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Before you begin settlement negotiations, you should know how a long-term injury affects the overall value of your claim.

Common Types of Long-Term Injuries

In regards to personal injury claims and lawsuits, long-term injuries are typically referred to as residual injuries. The most common residual injuries involve scarring and disfigurement, which could occur from the initial injuries or from the medical attention that you received following the injury. If any scarring or disfigurement occurs, the amount of damages that you receive should increase. The same is true if the scar is located on a visible portion of the body. To show the insurance company how much the scarring is worth, a medical professional could provide an opinion on the cost of removing or repairing the scar. Back and joint injuries are also common long-term injuries.

Make Sure Injury Is Documented

In order to receive the right amount of compensation for your long-term or permanent injuries, make sure to obtain an opinion from your doctor that the injuries are going to be long-term in nature. This type of documented proof can be sought a few months after treatment has begun.

Why You Should Speak With a Lawyer

Even with the right documentation and evidence that you are indeed suffering from a long-term or permanent injury, the insurance company that you’ve filed a claim or lawsuit with may be hesitant to provide you with the compensation that you deserve, which is why you’ll definitely want to speak with Las Vegas injury attorneys to help with your claim. A lawyer who has experience with personal injury claims and lawsuits will be better equipped to handle negotiations with the insurance provider or defendant that could provide you with a more agreeable settlement offer.