Las Vegas Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law encompasses nearly all types of accidents. The presence of negligence matters far more than the manner of incident that resulted in your injuries. A Las Vegas injury lawyer can sort through the details of what happened to you and explain your legal options.

Although personal injury law has a broad scope, the majority of accidents cluster into clearly defined categories. If you seek legal advice after an accident, the chances are high that your case will be one of the most common types of personal injury claims.

  1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Due to the prevalence of motor vehicles throughout society, accidents involving cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and SUVs happen every day. Victims can include drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Even people who recover from their injuries typically face high medical bills and the disruption of their income. In more severe cases, people suffer catastrophic and disabling injuries or even wrongful death. A car accident lawyer Las Vegas helps victims prove the fault of the responsible party and fully account for long-term losses due to the crash.

  1. Premises Liability

Slip and fall accidents rely on premises liability law. During a consultation with a Vegas injury lawyer, you will learn that the defendant in a premises liability case will be either the property owner or the party responsible for the area. To bring a legal action for your injuries, you must have been on the premises with permission. Injuries at retail locations and other areas open to the public generally meet this definition as does entering someone’s home as a guest.

Your personal injury claim will then need to describe the dangerous condition at that location and explain that the responsible party knew about the problem or should have known about it. Finally, your case must clearly link the dangerous condition, such as a slippery floor or poor lighting, to the financial damages arising from your accident.


  1. Product Liability

Most consumers realize that manufacturers and sellers have a legal obligation to produce and sell goods that are reasonably safe for their intended uses. Even so, defective products or insufficient safety warnings result in harm for thousands of people each year.

 Safety problems can arise from:

  • Design defects – Unsafe conditions resulting from a flawed design.
  • Manufacturing defects – Unsafe conditions resulting from failures during the manufacturing process even though the design appears safe.
  • Marketing defects – Unsafe conditions due to improper labeling regarding use or lack of safety precautions.

In some situations, an injury victim may have to prove the party’s negligence that made or sold the product. However, product liability cases may qualify for the application of strict liability in Nevada. A case involving strict liability frees you from the need to prove negligence and instead burdens you only with showing that the product’s defect harmed you. A case evaluation by a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas may inform you about the direction that your injury case should take.


  1. Dog Bites

Dog bite cases sometimes intersect with premises liability law when the attack occurs on a property controlled by the dog owner. However, dog attacks may also occur in public spaces, but the dog owner or keeper still has a legal responsibility to protect people from a dangerous animal regardless of location.

People, particularly children, frequently get bit by dogs. Fortunately, many incidents may only require first aid, but dogs can inflict serious and disfiguring accidents. Costly, reconstructive plastic surgery may be required. Some animals succeed in killing their victims. The services of a Las Vegas injury lawyer can include investigating the animal to see if any previous attacks were reported and preparing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

  1. Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents form a special category of personal injury cases because victims must work within the workers’ compensation system to receive financial benefits. Employers pay for workers’ compensation insurance, but people hurt on the job must report accidents and file claims for benefits within specific deadlines. Failure to observe these rules blocks an injured worker from recovering anything.

Pursuing compensation after a workplace accident often places an employee in a vulnerable position. The employer may be hostile to the claim, and its insurer operates with the intention of limiting payouts. Retaliation against an employee for making a claim is not unheard of. The representation of a Vegas injury lawyer may be needed to help you get payments for necessary medical care or to recover lost wages in the event of temporary or permanent disability.


The Necessity of Timely Legal Advice

Consulting a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas as soon as possible after an accident could greatly aid your legal effort to recover damages. Merely waiting for an insurance company to process a claim could eliminate opportunities to collect important evidence. A lawyer may also inform you about important deadlines for filing personal injury claims that you might otherwise miss. Responsible parties always have strong motivations to limit their liability. Legal representation can strengthen your position and increase the chance of collecting sufficient compensation. To protect your best interests, contact Moss Berg Injury Lawyers today.