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Grocery stores are some of the most common locations for falls and accidents due to the possibility of slippery or wet floors. If you are injured at a grocery store, you may have a case to hold the store liable.

Grocery Store Accident? You May Have a Case

Believe it or not, the grocery store is one of the most likely places to experience an accident or injury in your day-to-day life. With many sections of the store requiring repeated cleaning, slippery and wet floors can become a dangerous hazard for patrons. You can hold the owner of a grocery store liable in the event of injury, and the right team of injury lawyers can improve your chances of winning the case.

A Responsibility to Protect Customers

The state of Nevada has protections in place to prevent customers from being injured at grocery stores. Owners are held to a higher liability standard to prevent dangerous wet spots from occurring in their stores; this is to lower the likelihood of an injurious fall. The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that storeowners can be held responsible for the injuries of their customers if it can be proven that the customer exercised adequate caution in the store. The stakes are high; accidental falls lead to thousands of serious injuries and even deaths in the United States each year.

Recover From a Grocery Store Accident

Lawyers experienced in dealing with accidents and injuries understand the laws surrounding grocery store accidents inside and out. A lawyer will help you to collect evidence surrounding the accident and will help you to determine whether you have a case against the grocery store owner. Do not delay in contacting an injury lawyer in the aftermath of an accident; the most important evidence collection, including photos of any visible injuries and the scene of the incident, must be done soon after the accident.