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Mild traumatic brain injury is a common consequence of car accidents, but many people are not aware of how much even a minor head trauma can affect daily functioning. To understand the effects of brain trauma, accident victims should undergo a comprehensive assessment.

Understanding the Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Being involved in a car accident can be a nerve-wracking and traumatizing experience, even when there are no apparent injuries. However, even minor head injuries can sometimes cause significant problems. A minor bump on the head can result in cognitive and emotional problems that may not reveal themselves for days or even weeks, after an accident.

Why a Small Bump Can Mean Serious Complications

The brain is made up of millions of very delicate cells that can be damaged quite easily when rapid acceleration or deceleration forces act on them, such as occurs with whiplash injuries or when the brain tissue encounters the bony projections inside the skull. While the effects of most mild traumatic brain injuries are short lived and do not pose significant problems for everyday functioning, sometimes that is not the case. People can respond very differently to the same type of injury because the brain is complex and because various factors, like previous head traumas or existing illnesses, can complicate symptoms and recovery.

Symptoms of Mild Head Trauma

Because the brain is so complex, symptoms of even mild brain trauma can include problems with thinking, problem solving, memory, emotion regulation and a host of others. Depending on the part of the brain that is affected, an accident victim may find that they are more irritable or depressed than previously and may not realize that these emotions can result from injury rather than general personal characteristics.

Evaluating Complications Related to Brain Trauma

A comprehensive evaluation should be conducted by a qualified professional, usually a psychiatrist or a psychologist, who specializes in assessing the effects of brain trauma. Should injury be found, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas is the next most important step so that compensation for medical and other relevant expenses can be sought from the person responsible for the accident.