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Injury attorneys in Nevada acquire testimony from expert witnesses to strengthen their arguments for accident compensation. The insights of expert witnesses can establish facts related to liability, severity of injuries, or both. The importance of expert witnesses in Nevada car accident lawsuits illustrates a top reason to have a car accident attorney represent your case. A personal injury law office is better able to find appropriate expert witnesses than an individual who may be dealing with legal issues for the first time.

Who Can Act as an Expert Witness in Nevada?

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Nevada Revised Statute 50.275 defines who a car accident lawyer in Nevada may call as an expert witness in court. The law states that the person must possess specialized knowledge, usually of a scientific or technical nature, relevant to the subject of the testimony. An expert witness may only give testimony about matters within the person’s specific area of expertise.

For example, an injury lawyer in Nevada trying to prove that a defective car part caused a crash could request help from a mechanical engineer, automotive engineer, or master mechanic with experience and knowledge of the specific automotive part or system in question.

Common types of expert witnesses:

  • Accident reconstruction specialist
  • Accountant
  • Automotive engineer or mechanic
  • Vocational therapist
  • Medical doctor

The law also obligates expert witnesses to act objectively. They must extensively review the evidence, conduct tests if necessary to acquire additional data, and issue an educated opinion.

Why Do Injury Attorneys in Nevada Use Expert Witnesses?

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The importance of expert witnesses in Nevada car accident lawsuits becomes apparent when they can answer factual questions that allow a jury to make a decision. Cases with disputed liability or doubts about the extent of an injured person’s damages can benefit from the input of knowledgeable third parties. At Moss Berg Injury Law, expert witnesses often contribute to the successful recovery of maximum compensation for our clients.

Clarify Accident Details

An accident reconstruction professional looks at vehicle damage and roadway skid markings to determine how the accident occurred. The analysis can reveal vehicle speed at the time of impact and angle of impact. This information may supplement statements from eyewitnesses and answer questions about who was following traffic rules.

Identify Mechanical Defects

An injury lawyer in Nevada could investigate whether a mechanical problem caused the accident. This is important to check when a driver claims to have tried to avoid the crash, but the vehicle failed. Finding a defective part could save you from being blamed completely or partially for the crash. Evidence of a mechanical defect may allow the lawsuit to involve the manufacturer and access more funds for victims.

Describe Severity of Injuries

Detailed medical descriptions of your injuries and prognosis for recovery contribute significantly to recovering compensation. A medical expert can help a jury understand how much pain you suffered and may suffer for years to come.

Medical testimony could improve a case presented by a car accident lawyer in Nevada for someone who does not have an obvious disability. Brain trauma and back injuries may not leave visible scars but can severely reduce your quality of life and ability to earn income.

Evaluate Vocational Ability

Vocational therapists assess your workplace capabilities in terms of gross and fine motor skills. These professionals also guide you through exercises to rehabilitate your skills after an accident.

Injury attorneys in Nevada may need testimony from vocational experts to describe how car accident injuries altered your career path. This can cause a reduction in lifelong earnings, and you would want your accident settlement to reflect that persistent economic damage.

Explain the Economic Consequences for the Victim

In addition to expert opinions about your compromised vocational skills, a car accident lawyer in Nevada wants to calculate your losses as precisely as possible. An accounting expert can supply numbers that explain your financial losses to date and estimate your future losses.

Communicate Complex Information Effectively

Jurors have all kinds of backgrounds, but most people will not have in-depth familiarity with technical issues like why a car part failed or how a brain injury can unravel someone’s life.

The most effective expert witnesses excel at explaining highly technical evidence. Their communication skills enable them to break down scientific information into everyday language. On top of this, they know how to explain things so that a jury understands how the evidence influences liability and victim compensation.

Counter Expert Opinions of Opposition

Just as injury attorneys in Nevada use expert witnesses, insurance companies will seek out their own expert witnesses. Car accidents are messy affairs, and the technical details may be open to interpretation. Although expert witnesses are supposed to be objective, different experts could still reach different conclusions.

When preparing for a car accident lawsuit, an injury lawyer in Nevada will expect the opposition to present expert testimony. This is especially likely when an accident claim reaches the lawsuit stage because cases with less controversial evidence typically settle out of court.

Relationship Between Expert Witnesses and Injury Attorneys in Nevada

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A car accident attorney understands the legal ins and outs of proving fault and demonstrating an injured person’s financial need. Succeeding in this task depends on evidence that would legally obligate the responsible party to pay your damages.

To achieve this goal, your attorney may need one or more expert witnesses to build a convincing picture of what caused the accident and how much compensation a victim deserves. The expert witnesses provide the technical details that an injury lawyer in Nevada leverages for your financial benefit.

Speak With a Car Accident Lawyer in Nevada

A serious motor vehicle accident motivates an insurer to direct its resources toward fighting your claim for damages. This battle sometimes ends up in court, although the injury lawyers at Moss Berg often win settlements without filing a lawsuit. Either way, input from expert witnesses makes a measurable difference in our ability to recover damages.

Let us evaluate your car accident to see how much compensation may be available for your losses and suffering. We have cultivated a network of automotive and medical experts we can call upon. Ask us for a free consultation today.

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