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You should not assume that you are unhurt after a car accident, even if you think that you are okay at the moment. The shock of the accident floods your body with adrenaline that masks pain until later. Many injuries to soft tissues and the brain may take hours or days to manifest. However, the slow onset of symptoms does not mean that the injuries will not inflict pain, high medical expenses, and other losses. For these reasons, a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas will urge you to get a medical exam as soon as possible after your crash.

Recovery of Damages Depends on Medical Documentation
Medical records from the day of the accident and thereafter establish the harm that you suffered, and the accompanying medical bills show the financial cost to you. Taken together, this documentation proves to an insurer or jury that your medical complaints are valid and require compensation from the responsible party.

Documentation about your injuries, medical care, and rehabilitation provides a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas with concrete evidence to argue your case for recovering damages.

On the other hand, insufficient medical documentation gives the upper hand to an insurer. Without a complete medical record, the insurer will reduce the settlement. Insurance adjusters rely on software to calculate settlements based on estimates and averages about the cost of various injuries. These software systems skew numbers low so that insurers can pay claimants less. An injury attorney armed with thorough medical documentation can push for a realistic payout that reflects actual costs.

In the first moments after a motor vehicle collision, you may feel relieved that you have no obvious injuries. You may also be distracted by anger, fear, or other common emotions after a dangerous event.

As a result, what an injury attorney needs to negotiate an insurance claim or win a lawsuit is likely not on your mind. However, it will be on your mind if you start having medical difficulties after the accident.

Whiplash is a classic example of a car accident injury that may take a few hours or a day to present symptoms. Some traumatic brain injuries do not reveal themselves until later as well. The symptoms of a herniated disc also take time to develop.

Medical documentation about your accident injuries is most powerful when it is dated the same day as your crash. This creates a clear paper trail from healthcare workers, who connect your accident with the onset of a new medical complaint.

Get Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

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Ideally, you will receive a medical exam and begin treatment the same day the accident occurred. At a minimum, you should get seen by a doctor within the first 72 hours post-accident.

Always insist on receiving copies of your medical records before leaving these initial evaluations. The documentation will be very helpful when you meet with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas.

With such a constrained timeline, you may not be able to get an appointment with your regular doctor. In that case, you should go to an urgent care clinic or emergency room, and these locations can take X-rays and order other tests that capture evidence of new injuries.

Follow All Medical Treatment Orders
In addition to obtaining medical care right away, you need to follow your treatment plan. Failure to comply fully with the treatments, therapies, and medications prescribed by your doctor could make you vulnerable when negotiating a settlement. An insurer might argue that your recovery is taking longer and costing more because you are not doing what is necessary to heal.

Compliance with medical orders includes:

  • Filling all medication prescriptions
  • Attending all doctor and physical therapy appointments
  • Using braces and other medical devices as directed
  • Taking time off work to rest as directed

Doing everything a doctor recommends, especially taking time off work, can be difficult when an accident puts you under financial pressure. You may not be able to afford to take more time off work. However, that lost income is recoverable from an insurer, up to policy limits, if it is necessary to heal from accident injuries.

Resist Accepting a Fast Settlement Offer

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As medical bills flood in after an accident, an offer of compensation from an insurance company could tempt you. Hospitals and other medical providers are open to sending bills to collection agencies quickly. You may think you have to accept an insurer’s first offer just to avoid ruined credit.

However, that choice could shortchange you. You may need more medical care and time off work.

The representation of a car accident attorney in Las Vegas can help you manage your financial stress. An attorney can explain to medical providers that a settlement is expected once the outcome of your treatment is known. A law office communicating on your behalf could make medical providers and other creditors wait for full payment once you receive a settlement.

Early Medical Treatment Could Prevent Complications
Aside from the legal and financial issues related to medical care after an accident, you need immediate medical attention for the sake of your own health. Ignoring a problem could cause it to worsen and become more difficult to remedy.

Rapid attention is especially important if you have suffered head trauma. Traumatic brain injuries benefit from early treatment and rest. Trying to go through normal daily activities when your brain tissue has suffered damage delays healing and could do additional damage.

Consult a Car Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

car accident lawyer in las vegas

Like many people, you may feel tempted to discount the severity of your injuries for the sake of getting your life back to normal. Your best interests, however, demand that you proceed with caution after a car accident. You need a medical evaluation to confirm whether or not you suffered injuries that could impact your health, career, and lifestyle.

You can meet with a highly qualified car accident lawyer in Las Vegas at Moss Berg. Our personal injury firm is known for success even in complex and contentious accident cases.

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car accident lawyer in las vegas