by tfarino



Political protests have been a way for people to express their disagreement with government for centuries. The large crowd and the strong feelings of the protestors and counter protestors, along with the presence of armed police officers, sometimes result in injuries. If you are injured while participating in a peaceful protest, it is important to consult with Las Vegas injury attorneys so that you can understand your rights.

Trace the Source of Your Injury

If possible, trace the source of your injury. For example, if the mass movement of hundreds or thousands of people caused you to trip and fall, this might not be anyone’s fault. Pushing and shoving is commonplace in a crowded environment. However, if someone in particular intentionally injured you, it is important to have a photo or a description of that person.

Determine the Extent of Your Injuries

A few bumps, bruises or scratches could be expected if you were pushed, shoved or bumped. Even if you tripped and fell during a protest march, you could have injuries. But getting punched, kicked or hit by someone at a protest could result in a more severe injury. Be sure to seek first aid or go to an emergency room if your injuries are more severe than what could be handled at a first-aid station.

Work With an Attorney to Protect Your Rights

When someone has intentionally caused you harm, it is important to find out what your rights are given the circumstances. If your injuries were caused by a peace officer, your civil rights might have been violated. An attorney could advise you on that sort of a situation. If a counter protestor purposely punched or kicked you, there could be both criminal and civil actions available to hold that person accountable.