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Injury in the workplace is a real risk for workers in specific fields of expertise. If you do experience a workplace injury, a consultation with a lawyer can help you understand your rights.

Most Risky Professions for Experiencing a Work-Related Injury

Many workers have jobs that occasionally or even frequently put them in harm’s way. Improper technique, failure to adhere to safety guidelines and a lack of protective equipment or warnings all have the ability to increase the likelihood of injury while on the job. If you are in any of these lines of work and you get hurt, a consultation with an accident lawyer in Las Vegas can help you ensure that your rights are protected.


If your profession involves spending many hours on the road, you are in one of the top 10 riskiest occupations for experiencing a workplace injury. Tow truck drivers and semi-truck drivers are at an especially high risk of injury on the job. This may be due to the high number of miles that these workers drive as well as the fact that they deal with heavy equipment and dangerous loads.

Machine and Maintenance Workers

Machinery is complex, and one machine alone may have electrical, mechanical and even chemical components. While trying to make a repair or set a machine up, workers can be injured. Old industrial machines are a common cause of life-changing injuries that may cause a worker to lose the ability to do the job that he or she has always done.


If you are a roofer, then your job involves heavy lifting, climbing onto structures that might be in disrepair, exposure to harsh weather and environmental conditions and proximity to overhead dangers such as electrical power lines. Roofers have an especially high risk of suffering an accident that causes serious injuries or death while on the job. An attorney can help you get the care and remuneration you need after experiencing a work related injury in any of these occupations.