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When you understand the role of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, you can see the advantages offered by legal representation. Injury attorneys support accident victims through each stage of an insurance claim or lawsuit to receive every dollar possible from negligent parties. In many cases, this effort grants victims a sense of justice, especially when at-fault parties try to ignore the consequences of their damaging actions.

To meet these goals, injury lawyers in Las Vegas perform numerous services. Everything we do is meant to ease your frustration and hardship and connect you with a fair financial settlement.

Evaluate Your Accident Claim

During a free consultation with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney, you get to explain what happened to a person willing to listen. An injury attorney provides an informed opinion about whether or not you can prove negligence. Provable negligence unlocks your right to compensation.

The next step for injury lawyers in Las Vegas is to estimate the damages you could collect. You likely have a right to claim more than your immediate medical bills. You may need to estimate lost earning capacity or pursue compensation for pain and suffering. An independent legal evaluation saves you from relying solely on how an insurer views your accident damages.

Help You Avoid Costly Errors

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

After a car accident or other type of accident, such as a dog attack or slip and fall, legal advice in the early stages will serve you well. You may feel overwhelmed right after getting hurt. Worries will occupy your mind day and night. The people responsible for your injuries may take advantage of the fact that this situation has thrust you into unfamiliar territory.

We will warn you against making statements or signing any paperwork related to your case. The person or organization responsible for your accident or its insurer, will likely contact you and hope to resolve the issue quickly. You may be urged to admit fault, which you should not do.
You can refer any outside party related to your case to your Las Vegas personal injury attorney. We buffer you from attempts to pressure you into accepting a low settlement offer.

Interpret Insurance Coverage

Insurance policies cover the majority of losses in personal injury cases. Your injury attorney will identify which policies apply to your case and how much compensation is available for your claim.

More than one policy could play a role in compensating you. For example, in a car accident, you might, under some circumstances, obtain money through your own automobile policy after exhausting the coverage available from the negligent driver’s insurance.

Our independent analysis of an insurance contract could strengthen your negotiating position. Insurers have more difficulty denying your expenses when matched against an injury attorney’s deep knowledge of insurance laws.

Collect Evidence

Like most legal issues, personal injury cases hinge on the facts. You must have evidence demonstrating that your losses resulted from another person’s negligence. Facts like these can force an insurer to pay your damages because the evidence could convince a jury. Your opposition will rarely choose to go to court when evidence appears too strong to challenge.
However, you may have only a spotty picture of what happened if you were seriously hurt in an accident. You might have woken up at a hospital or required medical care that prevented you from talking to witnesses or taking pictures.

Injury attorneys have the resources to launch a preliminary investigation. If their inquiries point to negligence, the law office digs deeper for more evidence to build an effective insurance claim.

These investigations can include:

  • Taking photos of the accident scene, property damage, and injuries
  • Consulting accident reconstruction experts
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Sending out subpoenas for phone records
  • Requesting property maintenance records

Defend You From Unfair Assignment of Liability

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

The insurer potentially on the hook for your damages will also collect evidence. This entity may view what happened differently and say that you caused or contributed to your accident.

In Nevada, the modified comparative negligence law reduces compensation for people by the percentage of the fault they bear for their injuries. If you get saddled with more than half of the fault, you cannot collect compensation from another party.

Insurers could exploit modified comparative negligence by trying to inflate your contribution to the accident. Injury lawyers in Las Vegas will be on guard against this tactic and insist on payment of rightful compensation.

Manage All Administrative Details

Justice will not be in jeopardy when you place your accident case in the hands of a capable Las Vegas personal injury attorney. We prepare all paperwork and handle communications with an insurer or a court if a lawsuit is filed.

For an insurance claim, you can expect us to:

  • Organize evidence
  • Write a demand letter detailing the facts about fault and damages
  • Meet all deadlines for information requests
  • Negotiate with insurance adjusters
  • Write the settlement agreement
  • Disburse funds from the settlement

A small percentage of accident claims warrant filing a lawsuit. This happens when negotiations fail to produce a financial settlement that realistically reflects the evidence. In most accident cases, you must file your lawsuit within two years to avoid losing your right to sue due to the statute of limitations.

Should a lawsuit move forward, we will:

  • Initiate the lawsuit within the court with jurisdiction
  • Engage in pretrial discovery
  • File motions in court as necessary
  • Issue subpoenas for witnesses and documents
  • Participate in jury selection
  • Communicate your plight to the jury

Free Consultation With an Injury Attorney

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Your injuries can easily distract you from processing the information necessary to document your accident and damages. Life is hard when you have to attend medical and therapy appointments or contend with daily pain. Missing a deadline or sending incomplete information could delay your insurance settlement or reduce its value.

Legal representation from Moss Berg Injury Lawyers places a skilled negotiator between you and the party responsible for your accident. We will analyze the evidence and press every advantage that we can find to increase your settlement or jury award.

Get a legal opinion about how much compensation could be available. Contact us for a free consultation right now.

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