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Nowadays, it’s commonplace for public retail locations such as gas stations, shopping centers, and grocery stores to have surveillance cameras installed. These cameras serve the purpose of preventing losses and safeguarding merchandise through monitoring and surveillance. However, they may also prove to be instrumental in your personal injury case.

Are you curious about how surveillance camera footage can support your claims after being hurt in a Nevada grocery store? In this discussion, we will explore the significance of video footage in your personal injury case! Let’s dive in.

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If you have been involved in a grocery store accident in Nevada, you can get legal help from an experienced lawyer at Moss Berg Injury Law. The professionals at Moss Berg will assist you in filing claims, answering any legal questions you may have, and representing you effectively throughout your case. To explore your options and assess the legitimacy of your personal injury claims, contact Moss Berg at 702-803-3227 right away. In the meantime, keep reading to learn how surveillance cameras may play a role in your Nevada personal injury claims.

Surveillance Footage Can be Used as Evidence in Your Personal Injury Case

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Surveillance cameras are usually placed in areas where expensive merchandise is kept or where money changes hands. Whether a retail location is upscale or run down, most establishments have cameras installed to reduce shrinkage. While these cameras play an important role in preventing shoplifting, they can also make all the difference in a personal injury case.

If you were involved in an accident, camera footage could provide evidence of the unsafe conditions that caused it. This can be especially helpful in proving that a business failed to maintain or secure an area properly. Additionally, the footage may assist your lawyer in identifying witnesses who were present when the accident occurred. Moreover, security videos can highlight any tripping hazards, unsafe substances, or other dangers on the property that led to your injury.

If you were injured in a Nevada grocery store, it’s essential to inform your lawyer if you think the accident was captured on a surveillance camera. This video footage can help support your claims. Your personal injury attorney will obtain the footage and ensure it is appropriately processed for use in your case. Depending on what the recordings show, this footage can be just as useful in your case as witness statements and medical reports. This is especially true if the defendant disputes your claims.

Common Grocery Store and Retail Accident Injuries Caught on Camera

Certain injuries are more frequently encountered than others. Retail-related injuries typically transpire within the confines of stores or in parking lots, and security cameras are often installed in both locations. Below are some examples of grocery store mishaps that may be captured on camera.

• Slips and Falls
Spills are common in grocery stores, leading to slip and fall injuries if not cleaned up properly. Tripping hazards can be caused by inventory or empty boxes in retail aisles.

• Blunt Trauma
Falling objects are an issue in poorly maintained stores. Injuries from improperly secured shelves can cause head or shoulder injuries. Head trauma is also a serious risk.

• Shopping Cart Injuries
Improperly maintained shopping carts can result in injuries like lacerations, bruises, or even broken bones.

• Injuries to Children
Dysfunctional safety or child seats on shopping carts can pose a real hazard to children. Bruising, pinching, lacerations, and more are possible.

• Equipment Injuries
Heavy machinery kept in stores can also lead to all kinds of severe equipment-related injuries.

What to Do if You are Hurt in a Grocery Store Accident in Nevada

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It can be distressing to sustain an injury while shopping at a retail location. No one expects to get hurt in such a scenario. You may feel disoriented, uncomfortable, or humiliated. However, staying calm and taking measures to safeguard your rights is crucial. If feasible, seek help from others. Consider contacting a reliable friend to help you get pictures of the unsafe conditions. Request that any witnesses to the incident remain present and obtain their contact information if possible. Finally, reach out to a lawyer to ensure that any video footage of the incident is acquired quickly in a legal manner.

Security Camera Footage Laws in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, there are specific laws regarding security cameras and video surveillance footage. While using video surveillance footage in a Nevada court case is legal, the footage must be obtained legally and submitted as evidence through the proper channels with the court. For this reason, having a personal injury attorney obtain pertinent surveillance footage from the store where you were injured as soon as possible is wise.

Acting Quickly is Smart, as the Camera Footage Could Be Erased

Unfortunately, knowing whether surveillance video tapes will be kept after your personal injury occurs can be challenging. In many situations, the footage is “recorded over” or erased in just a few weeks. Many surveillance cameras automatically erase recorded footage after a designated time limit. While this is not always the case, it does happen. Sometimes, surveillance camera “reset” cycles last only 72 hours.

Since having a video recording of your accident as evidence in your case can be incredibly beneficial, it is important to contact an attorney and let them know that your grocery store accident was caught on tape. Your lawyer may be able to obtain this footage before it is erased if you reach out soon enough.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Get Public Security Camera Surveillance Footage?

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Obtaining surveillance footage of your accident from a business can be tricky. If you’ve been hurt in a public place, like a grocery store or gas station, and believe your accident was caught on camera, it’s a good idea to consult with a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer may be able to help you obtain security camera footage, get police reports, gather witness statements, and more. If your accident took place in Nevada, a Moss Berg injury lawyer in Las Vegas can help!

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