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What You Should Do If Fireworks Injure You

Injury lawyers handle a lot of cases involving injuries, including cases involving the catastrophic injuries often associated with fireworks. Even though fireworks are a fun pastime for a lot of people, they often fall into the hands of inexperienced people. When amateurs use fireworks, severe injuries that are life changing may result.

Popular Types of Fireworks

Roman candles are one of the most popular types of fireworks but also capable of inflicting severe injuries if left in the wrong hands. Due to their popularity, they’re likely to be used by kids and sometimes in settings with too many people nearby. There is also a risk of injury due to fireworks misfiring or falling where they shouldn’t.

Other Possible Risks

The demand for firecrackers and other fireworks sometimes leads to sellers being careless about the quality of their product. One of the unfortunate effects of lower-quality fireworks is a higher chance of someone being injured. The sellers who are negligent about the quality of the fireworks they offer may also be careless about how they store the fireworks.

What to Do Next

When someone else’s carelessness involving fireworks has left you in need of trauma surgery, you could probably use some guidance about the next steps to take. Getting in touch with an injury lawyer will help you decide upon the best course of action to take for your situation. The time frame in which you can take action is relatively short, so you will want to get things moving as quickly as possible.