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Types of Eye Injuries Caused by the Use of Cosmetics

Many people apply eye makeup as a routine part of getting ready for work or a night out on the town. Even when a person takes basic safety precautions such as not sharing eye makeup and storing it properly, it is possible to experience an eye injury. If a defective or contaminated product injured your eyes or harmed your vision, you may want to seek a consultation with injury lawyers to help you protect your rights.

Corneal Abrasions

Corneal abrasions are scratches of the cornea of your eye. The cornea covers the pupil and lens. A damaged or defective mascara wand or eye shadow brush could cause a corneal abrasion. The use of a damaged or defective novelty contact lens could also scratch your eye. If an eye doctor determines that you have a corneal abrasion, consider seeking legal counsel for a case related to the defective eye product.

Eye Trauma

In rare cases, a defective eye makeup brush, applicator or wand could cause you to experience serious eye trauma. For example, a hard of metal that falls off of an eyelash curler could puncture your eye or cause a severe scratch. Trauma of the eye could cause a loss of vision. Preserve the tool, seek treatment and consider legal counsel for advice.

Eye Infections

Some eye cosmetics could be contaminated with bacteria before you even open them. While you likely know not to share eye makeup because of the risk of contamination, you would not expect the product to already be contaminated when you purchase it. If you get conjunctivitis, blepharitis or another eye infection after properly using eye makeup, you may want to have the product tested for contaminants. If it is contaminated, consider establishing a legal case in order to protect yourself.