by tfarino



No car accident is straightforward, even ones that seem clear from the beginning. Keep an eye out for these three red flags.

Red Flags That Mean You Need an Accident Attorney

When car accidents happen, the associated bills can pile up quickly. Regardless of whether you or the other party is found at fault, you may want to hire an accident attorney in Las Vegas to handle your civil case. Hiring an accident lawyer is especially important any of these red flags are part of your case.

Drunken Driving

If you were hit by a drunken driver, it’s important to hire a Las Vegas accident attorney. While the other party will have to appear in court to face the criminal DUI charges, your compensation is a completely different matter. A lawyer may be able to advocate for a case outcome that reflects the negligence that drunken drivers show by putting themselves and others at risk.

Serious Injury

The more serious the accident, the more likely it is that you’ll benefit from the assistance of an accident lawyer. If you broke a bone or had to stay overnight in the hospital, there’s a good chance that your immediate medical bills will be significant. For accidents resulting in long-term injuries or permanent disabilities, you could be in court for a long time. When you turn to a professional, you can work on recovering while someone else handles the legal details.

Insurance Negotiations

Even if negligence and injuries aren’t a part of your accident, you may want to hire a Las Vegas accident attorney to handle the insurance negotiations for you. This process can be drawn out and stressful, so handing it off to a professional can save you substantial time and energy.

If any of these three situations are part of your accident case, a Las Vegas accident attorney can help you.