by tfarino



How to Practice Defensive Driving to Avoid a Collision

When you drive your vehicle on the road, there’s always the risk of getting into a vehicular accident. Although you may be a safe driver, you can still get into a collision due to the mistakes of other motorists. If you’re looking to protect yourself and reduce the risk of an accident, there are a few ways that you can practice defensive driving.

Follow the Three-Second Rule

One of the most common mistakes that many drivers make is following cars too closely. If the vehicle slams on their brakes unexpectedly then you’ll end up rear-ending them and being at fault. Make it a point to drive three to four second behind the car to give yourself time to stop if they use their brakes. The rule is most effective on highways that don’t have a lot of traffic. If you’re driving in inclement weather conditions, you’ll need to add an extra second or two to the distance. Following the speed limit will also increase your safety.

Check Your Surroundings

Driving defensively means checking your surroundings to ensure that you’re aware of any objects in the road or cars that are stopped up ahead. Make it a point to check your rearview mirror every minute or two to keep an eye on vehicles behind you as you operate the car. You’ll also need to scan the road for hazards or accidents that are present to avoid crashing into the objects in your path. Learning the blind spots on your vehicle and checking for obstacles that may be present that block your visibility will also be useful.

Yield to Aggressive Drivers

Staying safe will require you to yield to aggressive drivers that you come across. From people who serve to tailgaters, there are many times you can avoid a collision if you yield and get out of the way. Slow down and change lanes as safely as possible. If you take the necessary steps to avoid a collision, you’ll have more of a defense if you’re in an accident while working with a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas.