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Teen Drivers Need Help to Stay Safe

As an adult, driving on the highway at night or while it’s raining outside may not seem like a big deal. It may also seem like common sense to eliminate as many distractions as possible while your car is moving. However, teen drivers may be able to handle as many situations right away or use common sense while driving. Therefore, it is up to parents and other adults to help them learn how to operate a vehicle safely.

Teens Should Never Use Cellphones While Driving

Smartphones are one of the leading causes of distracted driving among younger drivers. Therefore, keeping teens safe on the road could mean that they don’t use their phones while driving. Furthermore, teens should only drive on their own or with no more than one passenger in the vehicle with them. This may reduce the odds that a driver focuses more on what is going on inside of the car as opposed to what is happening on the road.

Keeping Teens Safe Means Limiting Their Driving Time

Parents are encouraged to not let their teen drivers operate a motor vehicle on their own at night or during times of inclement weather. Instead, they should be in the vehicle with them to provide guidance and instruction. It can take several months or years for a driver to get comfortable driving on roads covered in snow or during times of low visibility. Teens should also stay off of the highway unless a parent or older guardian is in the car as well.

What to Do If Your Teen Is Hurt in a Crash

If your teen is hurt in a car accident, personal injury attorneys may be able to help preserve his or her rights. In most cases, consultations in personal injury cases are free. This means that you can talk to a potential legal representative without worrying about the financial implications of doing so.