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How to Avoid Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries should be avoided at all costs, because they take away time, money, and can even affect your mental health. A few workplace injuries are common. These injuries include slip and falls, being caught in machinery, vehicular accidents, explosions, and musculoskeletal problems.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are an increasingly common occurrence as far as workplace injuries are concerned. Wet surfaces, loose rugs, spills, and slippery walkways are common culprits of this specific accident. Employees can get tripped up, literally, whenever walkways are poorly lit or if the surfaces are uneven. Slip and fall accidents can be prevented, however. Employees need to be quick to alert you of when things have been spilled or if the walkway is especially slippery.

Getting Caught in Machinery Can Cause Severe Workplace Injuries

If you work with heavy equipment such as farming tractors or factor equipment, the chances of having your body cut or exposed due to moving objects increases substantially. Injuries created from using heavy-duty machinery include blindness, severed fingers, and more. Machinery should be kept in a locked area to prevent tampering. Anyone operating that machinery should be properly trained. Sometimes, wearing protective clothing can be useful.

Vehicular Accidents

When you drive a vehicle, you open up the potential for falling out of it, being struck by other drivers, and getting crushed. Figuring out where the accidents occur is the best way to prevent yourself from getting into a vehicle accident. Make sure your employees keep aware of the speed limit at all times.


Explosions hold the record for the highest casualty rate for all possible workplace accidents, although the amount of damage to the body from explosions can vary significantly. It can affect the respiratory system or cause 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burns. Because explosions can be caused from several different types of instances, you must be aware of where an explosion is most likely to occur.

Overexertion Workplace Injuries

Employees are most likely to have problems with back pain over any other work-related pain issue. In turn, lots of productivity is lost over the course of a year. For you, if you get a musculoskeletal disorder because of your work, the consequences can be even more severe. If you find that you need to lift something that is over 50 pounds, it’s a good idea to ask your employer to allow you to use proper equipment, rather than putting all of that stress on your body. See if you can fit the environment that you work in with your body’s needs, so you can keep performing at your best. If, despite your best effort, you manage to get into a work-related accident, you can always ask a personal injury attorney to advise you of your next steps.