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In Nevada, serious car accidents occur every day. According to recent reports, in 2021, speeding was the leading cause of fatal collisions in Nevada. However, driving while impaired was also among the top three causes of preventable automotive collisions.

Exceeding the speed limit or driving while impaired in Nevada are both preventable errors that involve negligence and bad judgment. In most automobile accidents, some type of driver error or carelessness is almost always involved.

Below, we will go over the top 10 causes of car accidents in Nevada. After all, knowing what you can do to stay safer on the roads is an intelligent step toward protecting your family. However, no matter how safe you drive, sometimes accidents happen. If you were injured in an automobile accident in Nevada and need an attorney, we encourage you to contact Moss Berg Injury Law immediately for assistance.

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car accident lawyer in Nevada

If you were injured in an automobile accident in the state of Nevada that was caused by the reckless driving or negligent behavior of someone else, you might legally be entitled to compensation for your damages. Our top-rated law firm serving injured victims in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas is here to help you pursue justice! To review your case by a skilled attorney from Moss Berg Injury Law, call our firm at 702-803-3227. Or, schedule a consultation online at any time using our website resources! Our team is passionate about helping injured victims get their lives back.

1. Exceeding the Speed Limit
Speed limits exist to help drivers safely operate their vehicles and stop with plenty of time to avoid obstacles. Exceeding the legal speed limit is the top cause of severe automobile collisions in Nevada. The faster a vehicle is moving, the more damage is likely to occur if it strikes an obstacle or collides with another vehicle. Excessive speeds make it harder for drivers to control their vehicles. Moreover, the faster a vehicle is going, the more time it will require to slow down. According to Highway Strategic Safety Plan statistics, speeding contributes to around 1/3 of all traffic fatalities in the state of Nevada.

2. Driving While Impaired
Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Nevada and carries serious consequences. Despite its illegalities, driving while drunk or under the influence of narcotics is a serious issue in and around Las Vegas. According to statistics from 2020, over 90% of traffic fatalities in Nevada involved alcohol impairment. Between 2014 and 2018, alcohol consumption accounted for over 40% of serious injuries after a collision. Drunk driving also accounted for 17% of all fatalities in motor vehicle collisions in Nevada. Drunk drivers are often injured or killed in lane departure, intersection, or speed-related accidents.

3. Distracted Driving
It is illegal to use a cell phone or electronic handheld device while operating a vehicle in Nevada. However, distracted driving is still a leading cause of automobile accidents in the state, and hundreds of distracted driving accidents occur each year. Additionally, an estimated 11 people were killed due to distracted driving fatalities in Nevada in 2020.

4. Drowsy Driving
Driving while tired is dangerous. In fact, some studies suggest that drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Fatigued driving is a top cause of automobile accidents in Nevada for a few reasons. For one, many OTR truck drivers pass through Nevada every day. Additionally, weary travelers can find themselves disoriented on the roadways.

5. Aggressive or Reckless Maneuvers
Driving recklessly or aggressively is another common factor in automobile collisions in the state of Nevada. Road rage, following too closely, or maneuvering a vehicle with little care or consideration for other motorists can lead to automobile accidents in the blink of an eye.

6. Failing to Yield
Failing to yield at a roundabout, stop at a stop sign, or pause at a traffic light can easily lead to an automotive collision with another vehicle. Indeed, the failure to yield is another common cause of automobile accidents in the state of Nevada.

7. Teen Drivers and Inexperienced Motorists
Teen drivers often lack the experience or skills needed to maneuver a vehicle properly in an unexpected situation. Inexperienced motorists and people who do not carry a driver’s license can also be caught off guard when problems arise on the road. This can lead to collisions.

8. Unfamiliar Road Conditions
Nevada receives hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly, and the Las Vegas area is particularly popular among tourists. Unfortunately, this means hundreds of thousands of people travel through Nevada without adequate knowledge of local roads, laws, speed limits, or traffic conditions. This can be hazardous and lead to car crashes.

9. Mechanical Issues
Unexpected mechanical failures can quickly lead to car wrecks. Brake failures, turn signal problems, out headlights, and flat tires are all common causes of Nevada car crashes. This is especially true in the summer when temperatures cause vehicles to overheat or stop in unsafe areas along the road.

10. Adverse Weather
Finally, adverse weather conditions can lead to automobile accidents. Rain, fog, sandstorms, extreme heat, and high winds can all cause problems on the road. Drivers facing these types of adverse conditions are more likely to crash their vehicles.

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car accident lawyer in Nevada

As you can see, automobile collisions can be induced by a wide range of factors. In most situations, collisions are caused by careless, reckless, or negligent behaviors. Unfortunately, many injured victims are left dealing with the fallout of mishaps like this. Hiring a car accident lawyer in Nevada helps to ensure that your situation results in the best possible outcome. If you have been looking for a car accident lawyer in Nevada with a winning record and the skills to help you navigate the complexities of your collision, Moss Berg can help.

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