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Are you looking for the top 2023 safety features in new cars, trucks, and SUVs? Everyone wants their ride to be safer. If you have been researching the latest vehicle safety attributes for 2023, you will quickly see that there are many impressive options available. Although most automobiles come standardly equipped with specific safety features like airbags, seatbelts, and the like, some makes and models offer additional amenities like lane-keep assist, cross-traffic detection, automatic parking, pedestrian alerts, and more. These technologically advanced driver safety features can help protect your and your loved ones on the road. In this guide, we will cover some of the latest and greatest vehicle safety options this year!

1. 911 Calling with Emergency Responder Automation and Telematics

After a collision, emergency assistance may be required immediately. Sometimes, incapacitated drivers do not have a way to dial 911. Luckily, many vehicles in 2023 now have an automatic feature that connects you with emergency services immediately following a collision. This feature can save time and help summon life-saving assistance to the scene of the accident without needing a cell phone. Since every second counts in situations where severe injuries may have taken place, this telematic feature is a great one to have in your 2023 vehicle.

2. Seat Belt Tensor Safety Technology

A new seat belt safety feature has recently become available in American vehicles. This feature was contrived to ensure that all restraints properly fit passengers and drivers before a vehicle begins moving. Known as a seatbelt tug or belt tensor, it effectively creates automatic tensioning to ensure that all fastened seat belts fit properly and are positioned correctly.

3. Driver Safety Assistance Lane Monitoring

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Lane monitoring technology helps prevent collisions. Many lane tracking systems implement algorithms and camera monitoring that can adjust in real-time to mitigate accidents or reduce collision impacts in crumple zones. Lane monitoring assistance features can potentially protect drivers and passengers exponentially from lane-departure-related collisions.

Often known as Lane Keeping Assist, this technology detects when vehicles depart from their expected travel paths. A few different systems and features are available for 2023. Generally, these systems alert drivers when they depart from their predicted trajectories unexpectedly, like, when a driver starts veering out of their lane due to fatigue or a distraction. Some systems may also gently position the driver back into the appropriate lane to help prevent potentially fatal automobile accidents.

4. Evasive Steering Assistance

If your vehicle is about to collide with another car on the road, evasive steering assistance can help you prevent the collision from occurring. This technology implements sensors that can detect immediate dangers and objects that are about to strike your vehicle. Using advanced maneuvering methods, steering assistance features can help drivers to operate their vehicles more safely and prevent accidents.

5. Blind Spot Monitoring

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Although this technology isn’t new in 2023, it has been updated in many useful ways. Blind-spot monitoring helps drivers avoid hitting things that they can’t see. Using advanced detection sensors, vehicles equipped with blind-spot monitoring often have systems that notify drivers if they detect objects, pedestrians, or other vehicles in blind zones. Some systems will sound off using an alarm, while others show a flash in the rearview mirror, indicating that the driver should not change lanes until the way is clear.

6. Advanced Traction and Stability Control

Rollover accidents are all too common in this day and age. When vehicles skid or lose traction, they may tip, resulting in severe rollover injuries for drivers and passengers. New 2023 technology implementing advanced stability control addresses vehicle skidding and may help drivers keep their automobiles more stable on the road. These updated stability control systems often implement computer sensors to help a vehicle react efficiently if sudden jerking or steering occurs.

Some systems monitor additional signs of vehicle instability caused by wind, ice, and inclement weather and work in tandem with traction control. Tire maintenance should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure these systems are working to their fullest capacity.

7. Fatigue Monitoring with Navigational Assistance

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Driving drowsy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Fatigue monitoring systems help keep drivers from operating Vehicles when they need to take a rest. Some systems encourage drivers to pull over and take a break. Other systems will work together with navigation to show drivers safe places to stop and recuperate.

Certain factors are taken into consideration with driver fatigue monitoring systems. These factors may include how long a trip is based on inputs in the navigational system, driver responsiveness, data from steering feedback, and what time it is. For instance, if a driver is midway through an eight-hour trip at 2 a.m. and begins steering haphazardly, the fatigue monitor system may alert and recommend a rest area nearby via the navigational screen.

What to Do if You Are Hit in a Car Accident in Nevada
Even with your vehicle’s most advanced safety features, injuries can still occur after an automobile collision. There are a few things that you can do immediately following your accident to ensure the best outcome for your situation. First, make sure to get to safety and address any serious injuries. Then, you should contact the police. After contacting the police, we recommend calling a personal injury attorney.

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