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Being seriously injured in a semi-truck accident shuts down your life for a much longer period than the highway was shut down after your wreck. Trucking accidents have a high likelihood of causing significant or catastrophic injuries that can leave you struggling to function. The roughly $20 billion every year that the trucking industry pays to injured victims illustrates the extent of the damages endured by victims. Top personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas strive to overcome the many hurdles that can stand between accident victims and the fair settlements that they deserve.


Insurers Motivated to Reduce Settlements

On average, the cost to the insurer of a trucking carrier is about $3 million for a fatal truck crash. Settlements provided to survivors who sustained injuries vary greatly depending on the circumstances but often reach 6 or 7 figures. For these reasons, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires companies running trucks hauling freight to have insurance policies that provide coverage from $750,000 to $5 million.

With the monetary consequences so high when trucking carriers are found liable, their insurers focus on minimizing payouts to victims. Insurance adjusters continuously look for ways to reduce liability or question your medical needs. With representation from a Vegas injury lawyer, you can push back against unreasonable reductions or denials.


Sources of Trucking Company Liability

Many mistakes can equal negligence and impose liability upon a trucking carrier. A truck or car accident lawyer will be familiar with the rules and regulations that transport companies must follow. Lack of compliance with regulations regarding how to secure cargo, drivers’ hours of service, driver sobriety, and training can open the door to recovering damages.

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 An injury attorney in Las Vegas will investigate issues like:

  • Driver licensing
  • Current driver physical exam
  • Driver exceeding allowable hours of service behind the wheel
  • Improper methods for securing cargo
  • Improper record-keeping
  • Driver record of drug or alcohol use on the job

Although trucking companies have the responsibility to maintain vehicles, train drivers, and keep proper records, many accidents come down to driver mistakes. These may arise from recklessness, like texting behind the wheel, or fatigue that causes them to lose focus.


 A recent Large Truck Crash Causation Study from the FMCSA concluded that:

  • 27 percent of trucks had brake accidents las vegas
  • 19 percent of drivers did not know their routes well.
  • 10 percent of drivers worked under pressure.
  • 7 percent of drivers were very tired.
  • 5 percent of drivers drove aggressively.
  • 3 percent of large trucks had tire problems.

With so many things that can go wrong and so many regulations, the facts about your crash can create a complex picture. Establishing which details prove negligence presents a challenge. As a result, many truck accident victims choose to work with a Vegas injury lawyer instead of approaching an insurer alone.


Financial Challenges for Victims

In the aftermath of your crash, you and your family will have to cope with disrupted daily life and burdensome expenses. Bills can pile up as you undergo hospitalization, treatments, and a prolonged rehabilitation program. In the meantime, your income may have evaporated because you cannot go to work.

For some people, a terrible crash with a tractor-trailer eliminates the hope of going back to work. A long-term disability could undermine a career and limit future income. Even those who recover physically may experience the emotional and mental problems caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. The horror of a terrible truck accident is not quick to go away and can reduce the quality of life.


How Legal Representation Helps Trucking Accident Victims

Realistically, financial and medical challenges can wear you down to the point where arguing with an obstructive insurance company is too difficult. Insurers know this and may try to make a quick settlement for an inadequate amount.

The role of a car accident lawyer is to fight this fight for you. A lawyer will not only understand how to build effective legal arguments around your accident evidence but also have the time and resources to engage with insurance adjusters.


las vegas injury lawyer Typical services provided by an injury attorney Las Vegas include:

  • Leading the accident investigation
  • Tallying current and future expenses for victims
  • Negotiating with insurance adjusters
  • Presenting the case at trial when necessary

At the beginning of your case, an attorney will explore the extent of the trucking company’s liability. This information will help you know if you have a strong case and what the next steps should be.

Gathering a complete picture about the actual cost of your accident can be difficult as well. The experience and insights of an attorney will inform you about types of recoverable damages and help you consider the future financial impact of your ongoing medical needs.

Armed with the evidence, a Vegas injury lawyer can challenge an insurance adjuster’s attempts to deflect liability. This process can include many telephone conversations, emails, and in-person negotiations. At times, a truck accident case must be taken to court, which is especially important when a victim faces millions in damages.


Always Get a Legal Opinion About Your Accident

After your trucking accident, the insurer may have been quick to offer a settlement. This is a tactic used to get you to settle the matter without fully understanding your rights to compensation. The insurer knows that you’re feeling vulnerable due to financial pressures, but you should resist accepting a settlement offer without first getting a legal evaluation of your case. The top personal injury lawyers Las Vegas working at Moss Berg Injury Lawyers base their opinions on the evidence and your needs and not an insurer’s hope of saving money. Contact our office today to get an unbiased assessment of your truck accident.