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Casinos Aren’t Always Fun and Games

Casinos are large places, great for having fun, but also full of potential risks for personal injuries. These can occur while you’re on the gaming floor, in a parking lot or elevator, or in one of the establishment’s various restaurants or bathrooms. If you should come to harm while on a casino’s premises, a consultation with a personal injury lawyer Las Vegas is the best way to explore if the casino is liable and what that means for you. To avoid injuries, it’s helpful to know about the ways people commonly get hurt while visiting a casino.

Falls After Tripping or Slipping in a Casino

Worn carpeting, wet floors, particularly in restrooms, and poorly-lit stairways can all easily cause someone to slip and fall, and they’re just some of the many situations where this danger is present. While a casino’s owners are not to blame if you fall due to your own carelessness or because you’re distracted, they do have a responsibility to put up signs, inspect flooring, install adequate lighting, and otherwise take appropriate steps to decrease the chances that you will take a spill.

Food Poisoning

Food that has been improperly cooked, handled, or stored has led more than one unwitting restaurant guest to the emergency room. One of the biggest casino draws is the all-you-can-eat buffet, but unfortunately, food sitting out under heat lamps for hours is especially susceptible to contamination with harmful bacteria.


Casinos consider smoking on their premises acceptable. Smokers, especially those that have been drinking, can be careless when handling lit cigarettes, and that’s a recipe for cigarette burns. The temperature of the water flowing from a bathroom’s hot water faucet is another concern. Too hot, and it can easily scald you and even cause second-degree burns.

When the owner of property where an injury takes place is an individual, that person will likely not seek out legal counsel until an accident happens. For large casino and hotel chains, on the other hand, it’s standard operating procedure to have a team of lawyers on retainer. That’s why, after an accident, it’s so important you don’t try to go it alone.