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Cases That Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas Handle

Details about car and pedestrian accidents and workers’ compensation claims you hear in the news can illustrate types of cases personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas represent.

A Car Accident in Las Vegas Personal Injury Example

About two months ago, a Las Vegas automobile accident occurred at about 6:15 a.m. involving three vehicles. Paramedics transported all four persons injured in this crash to a hospital trauma unit. 

Victims in car crashes could win compensation for medical treatment and vehicle damage. Other payouts awarded might include loss of work wages, pain and suffering or emotional distress and additional expenses insurance for which doesn’t pay.

East Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident an Attorney Could Take

Around 2:30 p.m., a motorcyclist reportedly hit a pedestrian near Lamb Boulevard at Colorado Avenue about four months ago. Paramedics transported both the pedestrian and the motorcyclist to hospitals for treatment. 

If you sustained injuries when walking through a crosswalk when you had the right of way, you could receive medical treatment compensation. If you missed days of work or need counseling for emotional distress, you also might receive a payout for this. 

A Henderson Work Accident Potentially a Las Vegas Workers’ Comp Case

A titanium plant explosion occurred in Henderson, Nevada, about 20 minutes from Las Vegas. This incident reportedly caused two injuries, but no medical treatment was necessary.

In the case of a minor workplace injury, you will want to report it to human resources or your supervisor even if you do not need treatment. This will help you prove that the injury took place in case new symptoms develop that do require medical care. 

No Two Las Vegas Injury Cases Are Alike

Every Las Vegas injury case involves different symptoms. Some are critical, and others are minor. Additional case types involve ones in which you might take action on behalf of a lost loved one.