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Injury attorneys in Las Vegas specialize in all types of slip and fall accidents, even those occurring in unlikely places in or around the city.

Unlikely Vegas Places Where a Slip and Fall May Occur

Slip and fall accidents don’t just happen on broken sidewalks in Las Vegas. There are many areas, both publicly owned and privately owned, where conditions may be right for a slip and fall to occur. Such accidents can happen anywhere where there are uneven surfaces, loose tiles, or on slick surfaces. Consider some of the unlikely places where a slip and fall may occur in Vegas.

Busy Airports or Bus Stations

McCarran International Airport is one of the many busy transportation hubs where people constantly arrive in Las Vegas on business or pleasure. Such facilities often have many shops and dining spots housed inside. Each one is responsible for keeping the area around their property clean and free of obstacles. When this doesn’t happen, it’s possible that someone may fall.

Casino Floors, Stairs, and Walkways

To be fair, most casinos in Las Vegas are very careful about keeping all surfaces clean and safe for their many visitors. However, it is possible that a drink may be spilled or something may be discarded onto the floor and not attended to right away. The result could be an accidental fall or slip. Casinos also have a responsibility to keep walkways, both interior and exterior ones, and any steps meant for public use unobstructed and safe. It’s the responsibility of management to regularly inspect such areas.

Las Vegas Attorneys May Be Able to Help

While it’s important to be mindful of where you’re walking anywhere in Vegas, property owners have a responsibility to be aware of conditions that may result in slippery surfaces or, at least, post appropriate warnings to minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents. Regardless of where a slip and fall occurs, injury attorneys in Las Vegas may be able to help. Seek medical assistance first before contacting an attorney.