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Car accidents can be stressful, painful, costly, and surrounded by an array of confusing legalities. If you were the victim of a Nevada car accident, you probably have many questions regarding your rights, the claims process, and how to gain compensation for any injuries you may have sustained. Below, we will go over some essential things to understand about Nevada’s car accident laws and your legal rights as a victim.

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What to do following a Nevada car accident?

car accident lawyer in Nevada

After a car crash, there are a few things that you can do to protect your rights and adhere to Nevada’s automobile collision laws. First, make sure that you, your passengers, and any other motorists involved move to safety and out of the flow of traffic. Then, call the police. In Nevada, any automobile accident which resulted in damage of more than $750 or injuries requires a police report to be filed. Always cooperate with First Responders and any authorities that arrive at the scene of your accident.

Be sure to exchange insurance information with the other motorist. It is also wise to get the business card of the officer in charge so that you can obtain a copy of your police report later on. If possible, take pictures of the accident scene and get any witnesses’ information. After receiving medical care, consider contacting a personal injury attorney in Nevada to help you file claims and gain the most compensation for your losses.

Do you have to call the police after a car accident in Nevada?

Unless there is already a highway patrol official or police officer on the scene, you will need to call the authorities after getting into a Nevada car accident. However, if the accident caused no injuries and any resulting property damage amounts to less than $750, a police report may not be necessary. If you were hurt by an accident that someone else caused, always call the police right away. In Nevada, local authorities can be contacted by dialing 911 or 311. You can also reach Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) at 775-687-0400.

Will I need to report my automobile accident to the Nevada DMV?

car accident lawyer in Nevada

You can ask the officer at the scene if they will be submitting a report with the DMV or if you need to submit one yourself. Nevada DMV traffic accident reports must be submitted within ten days of the accident if anyone was killed, injured, or any resulting damage amounted to more than $750.

Not everyone will need to report their car accident to the Nevada DMV. In many cases, the responding officer will file a police report containing the details of your collision with the state DMV for you. This report will usually include your liability insurance information and contact information. If you aren’t sure whether the responding officer submitted a report to the DMV on your behalf, it is wise to check up on the situation. Better to be safe than sorry! Willingly failing to report your car accident to the DMV can trigger legal consequences such as license suspension for up to one year.

How is fault determined in a Nevada car crash?

In Nevada, “fault” is determined after accidents based on who was primarily liable for the collision. Since Nevada uses an at-fault system, claims can be brought against the driver responsible for causing an accident.

In most situations, the driver who violated traffic laws that led to an accident will be held primarily responsible for any resulting collisions. For example, if one driver is issued a citation for running a red light, speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol, they will also most likely be held at fault.

Fault can also be divided between more than one party. However, the driver primarily at fault will carry the heaviest burden of any resulting liabilities.

Do you need an injury lawyer in Nevada to file car accident claims?

injury lawyer in nevada

A person who is not primarily at fault for a collision is not legally required to hire an attorney. However, there are many good reasons that victims should hire a car accident lawyer in Nevada anyway.

For one thing, a car accident lawyer can help you successfully file bigger insurance claims as an injured victim. A Nevada car accident personal injury attorney can also help you prove that your claims are valid. Your lawyer may be able to collect witness statements, get assertions from medical practitioners, file reports properly on your behalf, and more. In addition, your attorney will know how to negotiate with insurance claims adjusters to ensure you get the best possible settlement.

So, even though an accident is not your fault, hiring an attorney can help ensure that you get the highest compensation for your pain, suffering, injuries, property losses, and any other damages.

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