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Your vehicle could have certain defects that will increase your chances of suffering personal injuries if you are ever involved in an accident.

Common Vehicle Defects That Could Cause Personal Injury

Your vehicle is designed to keep you safe, but there may be certain defects that can cause personal injuries in the event of an accident. Some of these defects may lead you to become injured even if you are not involved in a crash. You can discuss your case with Las Vegas injury lawyers who may be able to help you get compensation for your injuries.


Your vehicle may be equipped with airbags that deploy too forcefully when a crash occurs. Your airbags might also deploy for no reason at all or fail to deploy during an accident. Head and neck injuries are among the most common injuries that occur due to faulty airbags.


If your brakes are unreliable, you will have trouble stopping in time to avoid an accident. Brake systems are made up of several components, and any defective parts could cause your brakes to fail. Your brakes could also fail to work properly if they have been installed incorrectly.


A tire blowout may cause you to suddenly lose control of your vehicle and crash into an object or another vehicle on the road. Blowouts can occur on faulty tires even when they are relatively new. The tread may also separate on a defective tire, which can cause it to suddenly fail. If your tires were put on your vehicle the wrong way, you may further be at risk for getting into an accident because of a mechanical malfunction. Some manufacturers have even been caught selling defective tires that were supposed to be recalled as spares.