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Severe injuries and even wrongful death can occur because of a drunken driver. After a drunken driving accident, victims may turn to an attorney for help with seeking compensation.

Compensation is Available After a Drunken Driver Accident

A drunken driver is someone who gets behind the wheel of a car with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit. That individual may face legal repercussions, including alcohol rehabilitation, a financial penalty, a suspended license and even jail time. If the driver struck another vehicle and caused the death of another person or injured others, the driver is also responsible for paying his or her victims a certain amount of compensation. Victims of drunken driving accidents often ask attorneys for help with seeking that compensation.

Financial Compensation

The financial compensation that you deserve includes those figures you can prove and those you cannot prove. You can gather documents and receipts that show the amount you paid for hospital or medical bills, funeral costs and even the cost of repairs to your vehicle. Your attorney can also show the amount you will lose because you or a loved one cannot work. The attorney may also be able to seek compensation for emotional pain and suffering. If you lose a loved one who was the major wage earner in your family, you may be able to receive a higher amount.

Is There a Limit to What You Can Get?

Many people call injury lawyers after an accident with a drunken driver because they want to know how much they can get and if there is a limit on the amount of compensation they can ask for in court. This generally depends on your location. Some cities and states have a cap that limits the amount you can get in terms of emotional pain and suffering. Other states will require that you settle with the driver’s insurer rather than go to court.