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A simple dog bite can leave behind a large scar and cause emotional pain as well. Find out how you and your attorney can file against the owner of that dog.

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Bite Lawsuits

No matter how well you know your neighbors, you may not know everything you need to know about their pets. Even the quietest and most well behaved dog can turn after picking up a scent it doesn’t recognize or if it feels threatened. When you suffer an attack by a dog, you may face scarring, surgeries and emotional trauma. That is why most states hold dog owners responsible for any injuries caused by their pets.

Dog Bite Damages

The first thing you should do is make a list of the damages caused by the dog. This includes the bills for the doctor you visited, the emergency room you went to and any medical bills that you received in the past or will get in the future. Attorneys will often recommend that you include any therapy you went through as well. After an attack, you may have a hard time being around other dogs and even your own pets.

Insurance vs. Lawsuit

Las Vegas injury lawyers will generally recommend that you approach the dog owner and his or her insurance company first. The insurance policy that individual has on the home should cover your medical bills. Some policies, however, may not cover specific dog breeds, including pit bulls. If the insurer will not cover your injuries or you cannot reach a settlement with that insurance company, you may need to go to court.

Dog Bites and the Law

The law gives you the right to seek help after you experience one or more dog bites. Even if the pet owner never had any problems with that dog before, he or she may still be held responsible for your medical bills and injuries. Make sure you understand everything you need to know about dog bites and the law.