by tfarino



An Overview of Common Pedestrian Accidents

Las Vegas injury attorneys handle a variety of cases. Pedestrian accidents that involve a person hit by a car or truck are more common than many realize, especially in busy areas like the Vegas strip. In addition to accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles, hazardous conditions in parking lots, on sidewalks, and other areas account for many injuries. One thing that these various accidents have in common is that somebody else’s carelessness is often at fault.

Accidents Involving Vehicles

Even though non-vehicular accidents are likely to happen, accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians seem to command much of the attention. As our cities grow more congested, more pedestrians are crossing streets in heavy traffic, creating a hazardous situation. Despite the level of traffic, drivers are often distracted by their mobile devices or in-car entertainment systems, so there’s a high potential for problems occurring due to the driver’s attention being off the road for even a few seconds. When these drivers are more focused on entertaining themselves than watching for potential hazards, accidents involving pedestrians are inevitable.

Property Defects and Their Impact

Property defect accidents are also common, especially when property owners often refuse to take the time to maintain their parking areas and sidewalks. Uneven or crumbling sidewalks in high-traffic areas are all too easy to happen across unsuspectingly. Parking areas often have poor lighting that can make navigating them after dark somewhat risky. Another problem that can arise in parking areas at night with poor lighting and poor security is a risk of burglary or theft. Many of these situations are easy to avoid with some foresight on the part of the property owner.

Why You May Need to Take Action

Regardless of whether an accident involves a vehicle, both drivers and property owners have an obligation to follow safe practices. Negligence in operating a vehicle or maintaining a property can cause life-changing injuries. If you’ve been hurt under such circumstances, seeking legal help can be a crucial step in regaining your quality of life. If nothing else, an attorney’s guidance can help you decide on your best plan of action.