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Since 2008, an estimated 95,000 motorcycle accidents have occurred annually in the United States. Thousands of these accidents with motorcycles wind up being fatal, with many more being entirely avoidable.

Las Vegas is well known around the world for its exotic nightlife, exciting events, and tourism opportunities. Las Vegas is a hotbed for bikers with a bustling atmosphere and an energetic feel. Many excellent highway routes through Nevada lead straight through the desert to Vegas. Since the vast highways, interesting attractions, and pleasant weather tend to attract motorcyclists year-round, drivers must be exceedingly careful when traversing Nevada cities and roadways.

With this in mind, how do you safely and legally pass a motorcycle on the interstate, highway, or in town if you live in Nevada? Moreover, what are some ways that you can drive safely around motorcycles in the Las Vegas area? That is what we are going to look into below.

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Understand That Motorcycles Can be Hard to See
One of the most common reasons cited for a collision with a motorcycle is that the driver failed to see the rider. Nevada drivers must take extra care to share the roadways safely with bikers. In many instances, drivers assume that the process of passing motorcycles (and driving near them in general) is the same as driving near larger passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, this can be a serious mistake.

Motorcycles can be very difficult to see and require a vigilant eye. This is especially true if you are moving at high speeds. Motorbikes take up much less space than larger passenger vehicles, meaning they have smaller visual profiles. Failing to notice motorcycles when merging, passing other cars on the road, or turning can lead to avoidable automobile accidents.

Nevada Driving Tips – How to Pass Motorcycles Safely
Finding yourself surrounded by a group of motorcyclists can be a stressful experience. After all, it’s obvious that you could accidentally hit someone in a split second! So exactly how can a driver safely pass motorcycles on the road?

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First of all, it is important to understand that motorcycles can be hard to see. As such, you must be extremely vigilant when passing, merging, or turning near them. Additionally, it is essential to follow all Nevada traffic laws whether motorcycles are nearby or not. Maintaining safe speeds, using your blinkers, and following traffic signals are good places to start. Here are the “Dos and Don’ts” of passing motorcycles and some tips to help you pass and drive more safely near them.

• Do Use Your Turn Signals and Check to See if the Road is Clear
To safely pass a motorcyclist in Nevada, you must first indicate your intention to change lanes with your turn signal. Then, check that the lane you are looking to merge into is clear. Be extra careful to look for any other vehicles in that lane, especially any additional motorcyclists you may have failed to see at first glance. After all, you could have one motorcyclist in front of you and another in your blind spot!

• Don’t Use Sound to Gauge Where a Motorcycle Is
Although using your ears while you drive can be helpful, you shouldn’t rely on engine sound as your sole indicator of the position of a motorcycle. Using the sound of a motorcycle’s engine to gauge positioning isn’t always wise. If there happens to be more than one biker on the road, you could make an inaccurate judgment call and accidentally overlook the other rider. Instead, use your eyes to figure out where bikers are. Check your mirrors and blind spots thoroughly and look over your shoulder if need be before passing as or merging.

• Do Take a Second Look Before Merging or Passing Motorcyclists
If you are flipping your blinker to signal your intent to merge, you should also look around you. Most likely, you have already checked once. Now, check again. The thing about vehicles is that they move. Although this is an obvious fact, many drivers get distracted or take for granted that someone may have sped into the other lane while looking elsewhere. So, don’t take any chances. Taking a second to check your blind spots an extra time may save a life. Only if you are sure that the passing lane is undoubtedly clear, should you merge.

• Do Merge and Pass Other Vehicles at Safe, Consistent, and Legal Speeds
As you merge, you should do so while maintaining a safe (and legal) speed. Then, continue to pass the motorcyclist at a steady pace while staying in the appropriate lane. Try not to speed up by more than five miles per hour in Nevada as you pass someone on the road. Maintaining a consistent speed helps motorcycles gauge where your car is and where it’s likely to be in a few seconds. Then, they can adjust their movements accordingly.

In fact, being a consistent driver is essential when you are around motorcycles at any given time, whether you are passing them or not. Motorcycle riders understand that they are at a severe disadvantage on the road when it comes to vehicle weight and power. As such, many riders will try to predict what your vehicle is going to do to keep themselves safe. Make it easier for riders to stay safe around you by driving consistently and avoiding erratic movements or risky behaviors behind the wheel.

• Don’t Drive Recklessly Around Motorcyclists
Do not swerve, speed up suddenly, or stop abruptly around motorcyclists. This could cause a collision. After you have gotten a safe distance in front of the motorcyclist that you intended to pass, use your turn signal again to indicate your intention to get back into the lane you want to reach. Then, slowly and safely merge.

• Do Use Common Sense, Stay Alert, and Pass with Care
Obviously, you may have to adjust to each scenario as needed and use your common sense on the road. The most important thing to know when passing motorcycles is that they can be hard to see and easily fall into your blind spot. So, drive extra carefully near bikers. If you collide with a motorcyclist, serious injuries or death for the rider are highly possible outcomes. So, play it safe whenever you drive near motorcycles in Nevada!

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