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Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone. Even the most physically gifted and graceful individuals can fall victim to slippery floors, uneven tiles, poorly lit stairs, or other dangerous footing conditions. Not to mention, you never know when a painful fall will occur. These unforeseen accidents can happen in grocery stores, souvenir shops, casinos, restaurants, or a myriad of other public retail locations open to pedestrian traffic.

Not only are slip-and-fall accidents often painful, but they can also be very embarrassing. In severe cases, slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries to the back, spine, head, joints, and bones. Concussions are also common after a slip and fall mishap, especially in a place where the floors are made of concrete such as in a grocery store. So what happens if you slip and fall in Las Vegas while shopping, dining, or seeing the sights? What are Nevada’s grocery store accident laws?

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Whether they occur in a grocery store, gas station, mall, or somewhere else, slip-and-fall accidents should be taken seriously. These accidents can be rough on more than just your ego and could lead to steep medical expenses. Not to mention a lack of confidence in the establishments you once trusted to prioritize your well-being as a consumer. Do you have specific questions to ask an injury lawyer in Nevada? If so, we encourage you to reach out to the skilled Nevada personal injury attorneys at Moss Berg Injury Law.

Our skilled team of legal professionals understands the slip and fall accident laws in Nevada comprehensively. Moreover, each personal injury accident case varies slightly. Therefore, you should seek detailed answers to your unique questions. That way, you will be able to decide which legal steps to take right away. After an accident in a Nevada grocery store, time could be of the essence. So, call our team to speak with a skilled injury lawyer in Nevada today at (702) 222-4555. With quality legal advice, you will be able to start taking proper legal action right away. In the meantime, keep reading this Moss Berg Nevada injury lawyer guide to learn about grocery store injuries and accidents in Nevada.

What to Know About Store Slip and Fall Accidents in Nevada

nevada personal injury attorneys

If you were injured by slipping or falling while shopping or visiting a public retail location in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada, you are probably wondering what to do next. This topic can be complicated, and the circumstances surrounding your personal injury situation must always be considered. Bearing that in mind, here are a few things you should know about grocery store accidents and other similar slip-and-fall mishaps in the state of Nevada.

Grocery stores are hotbeds for slip-and-fall accidents, especially in Las Vegas.
Many tourists visit Las Vegas every year. However, Las Vegas has an abundance of long-term residents as well. This means that the city has many grocery stores. These stores are open to the public and can have slippery floors that go unnoticed by employees and staff members. Whether a floor has become slippery due to a water leak, inventory spill, plumbing issue, or some other hazard, slippery floors are a legitimate issue that business owners are legally required to mitigate. Tripping hazards are another issue. Sometimes, employees hastily restock shelves and need help moving inventory items out of the footpaths of customers, and this can lead to trips and falls.

Most grocery stores in Nevada also have hard concrete floors. Combine this with the impact of falling unexpectedly, and you have the potential for severe injuries to take place. Grocery stores in Nevada are legally required to maintain safe conditions for pedestrians and consumers. This means that it is almost always the responsibility of the grocery store to keep their floors clean, clear, dry, and safe for foot traffic.

Falls should be taken seriously.

nevada personal injury attorneys

Although it may seem like slipping and falling is not such a big deal, sometimes, the resulting injuries from what seems like a little accident can be serious. In many cases, victims suffer from no more than embarrassment and a few bruises. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 30,000 people are killed every year by unintentional falls in the United States alone. Additionally, slips and falls can have grave ramifications for the elderly, infirm, children, or people who have pre-existing medical conditions. Even healthy adults can be seriously injured after falling! Spine and head injuries are particularly problematic when it comes to slip and fall accidents.

Nevada has detailed precedents regarding grocery store personal injury accidents.
Slip and fall cases are covered under an area of law known as premises liability law in Nevada. There was a well-known Court case (FOSTER v. COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATION) involving a slip and fall accident that occurred at a Costco. In this accident, a customer tripped and subsequently fell over a wooden pallet that an employee had left in the middle of an aisle. The fall caused injuries to the customer, so they sued Costco. The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that, in this case, the landowners owed a duty of reasonable care to the injured plaintiff. This set a precedent for future cases.

Currently, landowners (such as retail shop owners, grocery store owners, and other owners of public facilities that encourage pedestrian foot traffic) can be held responsible for injuries directly caused by dangerous conditions. Even if those conditions seem apparent, the landowner is legally required to act reasonably to ensure that shoppers won’t be injured.

Speaking with an attorney can help you determine the validity of your personal injury case.
Determining whether your slip and fall accident situation will meet the qualifications needed to go to trial can be a complex process. That is why it is crucial to have a conversation with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as you can after your accident—collecting as much information as possible immediately after your accident is also essential.

nevada injury lawyer

After a grocery store accident:

  • Take pictures of the scene and any hazards present
  • Contact a Nevada personal injury lawyer
  • Visit a physician for a physical evaluation of your injuries
  • Take pictures of any visible injuries
  • Document your medical costs

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