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What If I’m Injured at a Friend’s or Relative’s Home?

When visiting someone else’s home, you are prone to certain daily hazards that can lead to minor and major injuries. Common injuries around the house can mean medical expenses and lost wages that you’ll need to recover. Here are five types of injuries you can get while visiting the homes of family and friends that may lead to a personal injury claim.

Animal Injuries

Most people think only of dog bites, but what about other pets like cats or even snakes? Scratches and bites from any pets can cause infections and other serious illnesses. Even if you’re comfortable with your friend’s and relative’s pets, you never know when they may not be comfortable with people in their space. When animals are not properly secured or restrained, you’re at greater risk for injuries.


You can get chemical, electrical fire, or water scalding burns while visiting someone’s home. Cookouts and bonfires can be particularly risky, especially when there’s alcohol involved. Holiday lighting is a leading source of electrical fire hazard. Even when you’re visiting for a weekend or helping someone around the house, you can get burns from cooking, showering or using household chemicals.


Exposed rusty nails, broken glass, and splintered wood on decks and floors are all potential sources of cuts and scratches.


Loose stairs and floorboards can cause you to fall and get broken bones, sprains and bruises. You can also get injured from items falling on you.

Food and drugs

You never know when dinner can lead to food poisoning or if your child accidentally takes drugs or alcohol at a friend’s or relative’s home.

Know Your Rights for Home-based Injuries

You were injured at a friend’s or relative’s home, now what? Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, you may need longer-term medical care that can become very expensive. If you’re injured in a family member’s home or on a good friend’s property, you might feel that you can’t or shouldn’t ask them to pay for your medical expenses or make a claim against their property insurance. You may want to consult a personal injury attorney to find out if you can or should make a claim for your injuries.