by tfarino



Help After You Fall Using a Shuttle

A typical situation that Las Vegas injury lawyers face is assisting tourists who have been injured while on one of the many casino properties. Shuttle buses are a popular form of Las Vegas transportation, but they cover such a large area that oversights in safety are common. Regardless of whether the shuttle is picking a passenger up from a casino or the airport, they are obligated to keep everything as safe as possible.

Falls Because of Luggage or Debris

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common incidents that afflict casino customers, including those using shuttle buses. Because these vehicles are a favorite way for people to reach casinos from airports, many passengers are likely to leave luggage out in aisles, even though drivers should be discouraging this practice for everyone’s safety. When debris or beverage spills are not cleaned up promptly, this becomes another way that passengers may end up injured.

Accidents Involving Steps

Sometimes shuttles have poorly marked steps, or the vehicle has bad lighting in an area. Heavy rain can make the steps slippery for passengers to navigate. Another hazard that passengers must be cautious about is debris dropped on the steps.

Collisions and Other Vehicle Accidents

Although most Las Vegas transportation drivers practice safe driving, the city has a lot of traffic that can lead to a vehicle accident. Distracted driving is on the rise, and even professional drivers are not immune. If you’ve suffered injury because of negligence, you might want to seek legal help.