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What to Do After a Car Accident

The first thing you should do after a car accident is to move your vehicle to safety. If your car is stalled or damaged enough that it won’t run, leave it there and get out to safety on the sidewalk or side of the road.

Check Yourself and Others and Call 911

Check on yourself and others to see if there are any injuries. Even if nobody seems hurt, you should immediately call 911 to get the police and emergency medical assistance to the scene of the accident. You should ensure that a police officer makes a report of the accident. You can later obtain a copy if you file a personal injury claim. You should also get medically checked even if you feel fine. It can prevent a potential tragedy and the medical report can serve as proof in a lawsuit.

Exchange Information

Keep your conversation with the other driver limited and exchange information. At the minimum, you should exchange names, phone numbers, license plate numbers and driver’s license numbers and insurance information. You should also get the name and badge number of a responding police officer and the contact information of any witnesses who may be around.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Take pictures of the scene of the accident with your smartphone’s camera. Make sure to get shots of the road, skidmarks, the vehicles involved, other property damage, road signs, the road conditions and weather conditions. You may also want to take pictures of the other driver’s license plate.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to report that you have been in a car accident. This is especially important if you have to file a claim with your own insurer.

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