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Many parents and caregivers enjoy enrolling their children in a ballet, tap dance or jazz class that ends with an annual recital. The recital gives the children and their families a chance to see what the children have learned and to enjoy the spectacle of the music and costumes. If your child is hurt while getting ready at the site of the recital, performing on stage or after completing his or her performance, you may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas and find out the rights your child has under such circumstances.

Find Out the Circumstances of the Injury

Just because a child is injured does not mean that the injury happened because of negligence, foul play or a lack of maintenance or supervision. Try to find out the circumstances of the injury. An untied pointe shoe in ballet could cause a child to trip and fall, or crowding backstage could cause an injury. Ask your child and others who saw the injury happen. It is a good idea to get contact information from witnesses.

Determine the Condition of the Premises

Take a walk around the stage and the backstage area after the recital has concluded. If your child’s injury happened somewhere else on the premises, such as on steps leading to the stage or in the restroom before or after the performance, check those areas. If you see anything such as an uneven step, missing handrail or damaged floorboards, take a photo of it. This information could be important in the future.

Investigate Liability

In some cases, signing up your child to perform in a jazz, ballet or tap dance recital involves a waiver of liability. An attorney could review any such waivers and determine whether or not they have a legal standing. If no waiver was signed or it did not include the circumstances in which your child was injured, you may wish to investigate some issues around liability, such as who owns the facility or who was in charge of supervision.