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What Happens After a School Bus Accident

School bus drivers can be professional drivers or teachers who have valid licenses to drive those specialty vehicles. When the driver gets distracted by the kids on the bus, takes his or her eyes off the street, or misses a sign, an accident can happen. While you can talk with an accident lawyer and file a lawsuit, you also need to look at what happened as a result of that accident.

Property Damage

There is a good chance that you will experience some property damage after an accident involving a public school bus. These buses weigh significantly more than your own car does. If the bus hit you head on, your hood may crumble. This can lead to a mechanic determining that your vehicle is a total loss. Your vehicle may need some significant body repairs, and you may need to replace some of your possessions that were in your car too.

Bodily Injury

After hiring an accident lawyer in Las Vegas, you will find that the lawyer gains any evidence that proves that you suffered bodily injuries. You may break a bone, develop a concussion, suffer from whiplash or have other types of injuries. Even if you have insurance, you may face bills that the bus driver should pay. More serious injuries take longer to treat and can help you get more money when you settle the case.

The Facts of the Case

Your lawyer will look at all the facts of the case and decide what to do next. Some will suggest that you file a lawsuit against the public school first and the bus driver second. The school should have insurance that kicks in following one of these accidents although you may need to file against the driver and his or her insurance. The insurance policies in place should cover your medical bills and the cost to repair your damaged property.