Determining Liability After a Ladder Accident

Ladders can be great tools to assist with cleaning gutters or other household activities. However, a defective ladder could result in a fall causing serious injuries. The same could be true if you don’t use this tool properly. How do you determine who is liable for injuries caused after an accident involving a ladder?

Where Did the Accident Occur?

If the accident occurred on someone else’s property, the property owner may be liable for your injuries. However, this is only true if they supplied the ladder and had control over how you used it. Furthermore, you would need to have been invited onto or otherwise authorized to be on the property. For instance, a thief who fell off a ladder trying to steal an item is unlikely to be entitled to damages.

Are You Providing Services for the Property Owner?

Let’s say that you were hired to clean a home’s gutters or perform work on the roof. As a general rule, you would be required to have your own liability and workers’ compensation insurance to pay for any injuries incurred while working. However, if you are working for an employer who doesn’t have proper insurance, you could take legal action against the employer. It could also be possible to take action against the property owner if an unknown dangerous condition resulted in injuries while using a ladder.

Always Use Caution While Working

The best way to prevent an accident is to use an abundance of caution while working at heights. Failure to do so could increase your own liability for causing injuries resulting from a fall or other accident that occurred while using a ladder. Working with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas may help you learn more about your rights in such a case and how to defend them.