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When your child experiences an injury as the result of an automobile accident, consulting with an attorney should be one of your steps in helping your child recover, along with getting medical treatment and any needed therapy.

What to Do First After Your Child Is Injured in an Accident

Three Things to Do When Your Child Is Injured

When your child has been involved in an automobile accident that caused an injury, you might feel overwhelmed about what to do. While getting good medical care is a priority, so is protecting your child’s rights and ensuring that his or her medical expenses for current and future medical needs will be covered. The professional services of Las Vegas injury lawyers can help to ensure that your child’s rights are protected under the law.

Do Not Sign Any Paperwork

The at-fault driver’s insurance or attorney may try to offer you a settlement right away. Signing this paperwork might be tempting, as you might not want to spend your time dealing with the legal aspects of your child’s situation. However, before signing any paperwork, be sure to consult with an attorney of your own. An attorney can help you to understand your rights and your child’s rights under the law.

Make Recovery a Priority

The law allows you only a specified period of time to take an injury case to court. After securing legal representation, you can let the lawyers take over the legal aspects of the case. This lets you focus your energy on your child and his or her physical, emotional and mental recovery from the accident and injury.

Consider the Future

The extent of a child’s injuries at the time of an accident might not be obvious. Your child might need some ongoing physical therapy or counseling to get through his or her injury. Keep this in mind when communicating with your lawyer about your desired outcome of any legal action that you choose to take.