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If a piece of concrete falls on you or your car, take action to protect your rights and ensure that the structure is repaired.

What to Do If Falling Concrete Causes You an Injury

When you drive on a highway or interstate roadway, you may pass under many bridges and overpasses. Years of heavy use and improper maintenance could result in concrete chunks falling off the bridge. If one of these pieces of concrete lands on your vehicle and causes you to be injured, it is important to take action. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can inform you of your rights in this type of situation.

Call the Police

Calling the police is a critical first step in this type of an incident. The first responders will be able to call for structural engineers to come and inspect the bridge. The police report will be key to filing your claims for damages with your insurance company and against the municipal insurance company. Be sure to get the responding officer’s badge number and contact information.

Photograph the Damage and Collect Evidence

Photograph the damage to your vehicle. Try to get photos that include the piece or pieces of concrete that fell onto it. Make a request for the maintenance records and repairs that have been performed on the concrete bridge and road. The maintenance records and explanations of repairs will be important to filing a claim.

Seek Legal Counsel

A lawyer may be able to represent a personal injury case that was the result of a damaged concrete bridge above the highway. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate a settlement for your medical expenses, loss of property, lost wages, pain and suffering. In some cases, your lawyer may prefer to file a lawsuit on your behalf. Be sure to ask the consulting lawyer any questions that you have about your case, such as the timeline and what evidence to provide.