by tfarino



Important Steps to Take When an Off-Leash Dog Attacks You

When going for a walk on a trail or in a neighborhood, you may encounter many other people who are also outside. Some of them might be going for a walk with their dogs. If a person’s dog is not on a leash, and it attacks you, it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas about your rights.

Get the Owner’s Contact Information

The owner’s contact information could be the key to proceeding with a case. A lawyer may want to gain access to information about the dog’s behavioral and medical history. For example, an attorney may ask for the dog’s vaccination record or a history of past bites that were unprovoked.

Obtain Information About the Location and Witnesses

Some parks are designated places for dogs to be able to run without a leash. If you were walking through one of those places and a dog attacked you, your rights might be different than if you were on a regular sidewalk, trail, or park environment. Try to find out the leash status of the place where you were bitten by the dog. Also get the information of anyone who saw what happened when you were bitten.

Seek Treatment

Dog bites can cause serious health consequences. Medical personnel may be able to compel the owner to provide details about the dog’s history even if he or she was reluctant or uncooperative with you. The treatment that you receive will depend on the dog’s known health status. If the animal’s health and vaccination status are unknown, you may need more extensive and longer-lasting treatment in order to protect your health after being attacked.