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When you are charging your laptop, smartphone, hoverboard, or another item, the battery could overheat and explode. Injuries from an exploding battery can be severe. You need to know what to do in order to protect your rights under Nevada’s laws.

Taking Action If You Are Burned By an Exploding Battery

Getting a new hoverboard, smartphone, or laptop means that you will be making regular use of its charger. The device’s rechargeable battery should be handled as directed by the manufacturer. Even if you are careful and follow the instructions, it is possible that the battery could overheat. The shrapnel and fire may cause an eye injury, second-degree burn, blisters, or worse. Las Vegas injury lawyers can assess your situation and inform you if you have grounds for a case against the device or battery manufacturer.

Take Photos of the Battery, Damage, and Injuries

Once any immediate hazards like fire have been taken care of, use your camera to document the problem. Take photos of the damaged, burned, or exploded battery and the device. Be sure to get some images of damage to surrounding floors, walls, tables, or furniture. You may also wish to take photos of any injury caused by the explosion. Seek medical treatment and keep the documentation.

Look Up Recall Information

Find out if your device has been recalled by the manufacturer. You should receive a letter or email when this happens. If it has not been long since you registered the device, you might not have received the recall yet. You might not receive a notification if you did not register your device.

Seek Legal Counsel

When you have an eye injury, second-degree burn, blisters, or other injuries, it is important to ensure that your medical bills are taken care of. An attorney may be able to investigate your case and find out if there is a known or reported problem with the battery that injured you. They can advise you about whether you have a case against the device’s manufacturer.