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Learn about what you can do to protect your rights if you experience an injury in an auto accident that was caused by a traffic signal.

Auto Accidents Caused by a Traffic Signal Malfunction

Although a malfunctioning traffic signal is rare, this situation can happen. When a traffic signal malfunction results in an auto accident that causes an injury, determining fault can be a challenge. You can get representation from an accident lawyer in Las Vegas to make sure that your rights are protected under Nevada law.

Get Witness Information

If possible, get witness contact information. Having the names and phone numbers or addresses of others who were at the traffic light at the time of the motor vehicle accident can help you prove your side of the story. Witnesses could include other adults who were in your vehicle, drivers and passengers of other vehicles at the intersection and pedestrians who were in the area.


If possible, take a photograph of the malfunctioning traffic signal. If the signal has no power, proof of this could be important to your insurance claim or court case. If the signal is not operating as usual or as expected, such as not showing a yellow light, try to capture video of what the signal is doing. Having video or photographic proof of what the signal is doing could help to show that you were not fully at fault for the accident.

Police Report

Be sure to make a police report of the incident, even if it was not a collision with another vehicle. Your auto or medical insurance may require a copy of the police report in order to process your injury claims. It is also important to get the responding police officer’s information. If you choose to pursue legal action due to the malfunctioning traffic signal, you will need to have the circumstances of the accident listed in the police report. The court may require that the department of safety, transportation or another entity provide operating records for the traffic signal in question.