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When you open a can, box, or package of food, you expect it to only contain what is on the ingredient list. Knowing what to do if you bite into an object in the food that does not belong helps you protect your health and your rights.

What to Do If You Are Injured By Food Contaminants

When there is a foreign object in a can, box, or package of food as a result of food processing, you could experience an illness or injury because of the contamination. Even if you do not swallow the foreign object, its presence in the food could cause ill effects on your health. Las Vegas injury attorneys may be able to offer you an assessment of your situation if you are injured or become ill as a result of the contaminated food.

Save the Foreign Object

If possible, save the foreign object that is in your food. If it was part of an animal, put it into a zipper-style plastic food storage bag, double the bag, and store it in the freezer. If it was something inanimate, like a part of a machine, you can also bag it. However, it does not have to go into the freezer. You may also wish to preserve the container of food, which can be bagged as-is and frozen.

Take a Photo

Take a photo of the foreign object that you found in your food. You may wish to use this evidence for contacting the manufacturer or distributor about the problem. Taking a photo also helps to establish the date of discovery.

Seeking Medical Treatment and Legal Counsel

If you experience an illness or injury after eating food with a foreign object in it, seek medical treatment. You might need dental care if the item hurt a tooth. See a doctor for medical care for another illness or injury. Seeking preventive care may also be important to protecting your health and preserving your rights. You may also wish to seek legal counsel to find out your rights.