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Risks of Injury and Blindness From Eye Surgery

When you have a cataract, glaucoma that does not respond to eye drops, retinal detachment or a vision disorder that requires surgery, you expect the process to go smoothly. In rare instances, you could be left with an injury, vision damage or even blindness. If this happens to you, consult with experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys who can advise you about your rights.

Tear Duct Damage

If you need to have surgery for glaucoma or to correct a problem with one of your eyelids, there is a risk of tear duct damage. The tear ducts and glands could be damaged or destroyed during the surgery. Their effectiveness may decrease. As a result of the damage, you may not produce tears or sufficient lubrication for your eyes. This is a serious and lifelong condition that could affect your vision.

Worse Vision

An eye surgery may cause unwanted changes to your vision. Perhaps you went in for a cataract removal and came out with an abrasion or injury. This could result in scar tissue formation that worsens your vision. Your vision might get worse in one or both of your eyes. If you did not need corrective lenses before, you might need them as a result of the surgery.

Loss of Vision

In rare cases, eye surgery may come with a side effect of losing most or all of your vision in the affected eye. This could happen because of an accident with the laser or an error on the part of the surgeon. If your loss of vision is complete or permanent, you may end up with a lifelong disability that causes you to lose your job and have poor quality of life.