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Many individuals and families enjoy a visit to the city’s public parks, but insufficient maintenance could lead to dangerous conditions. Learn about what you need to do if you or your child is injured at a park as a result of poorly maintained or damaged equipment.

Taking Action After an Injury at the Park or Playground

A visit to a city park or a public playground should be a relaxing and fun time. However, poor maintenance, vandalism, or other issues could result in damaged equipment, uneven sidewalks, or missing steps. If you or your child is injured while visiting a city park or playground, you may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to learn more about your rights. In preparation for a potential case, there are a few steps you should take.

Collect Evidence

Try to collect evidence while you are still at the park or playground. If you can see the area of damage that caused the injury, take photos of it. Loose fasteners or rust could cause equipment to come apart. A missing step or damaged pavement could cause a slip or a trip and fall. If any other visitors saw the accident, collect their contact information.

Get Medical Treatment

As soon as possible, seek medical treatment. This is especially important if the accident was a fall. A concussion requires a medical diagnosis and prompt treatment. Other common injuries that could result from damaged playground equipment include cuts, fractures, strains, and sprains. If the injury was a puncture from a loose fastener or a piece of protruding metal, tetanus could be a concern. Be sure to document all medical services received as a result of your playground or park injury.

Ask About the Maintenance Records

You may wish to speak with a lawyer about recovering damages for your injury or your child’s injury at the park or playground. One important piece of information that you or your lawyer may need is a copy of the maintenance records for the place where the injury occurred. If the records show a lack of maintenance or irregular inspections, you might have a basis for a case of negligence related to your personal injury.